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Farewell old friend!

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I might have to repeat a story I posted a couple or so years ago to have you understand who I'm referring to---



I recently recieved word that an old friend of mine, whom I haven't seen or heard from in MANY a year had shed his mortal coil.  He was a friend I had first met while working at a car wash in 1970, and had remained a friend until he moved from Michigan to Florida back in the very early 1980's.( about '81).


He was, as some of you might remember, the guy who I went to visit one winter morning in the mid 70's to sell him a bag of weed, who I then spent time watching "The Thing From Another Planet( 1951) on a local station's Saturday matinee. 


I happened to casually mention to him: "You know who plays the THING don't you?"  To which he replied, "I always thought it was just some stunt guy, or some extra or someone".  I then told him, "No. It was JAMES ARNESS."   He answered, "You mean the GUNSMOKE GUY?"  When I replied the afirmative, he then said, "I can't believe him and that OTHER guy on TV were brothers."


I asked, "Who---PETER GRAVES?", to which HE asked, "Who's Peter Graves?"  So I told him,


"You know---The white haired guy on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, the guy who played Jim Phelps."  HE then asked---"You mean, HE was his brother TOO?"  Which made ME ask, "What do you mean, TOO?  Who are YOU thinking of?"  To which HE, classically replied, "You know, that OTHER guy on TV.  The guy who played RICKY RICARDO!"  I then asked, "You mean, DESI ARNAZ?"  which caused me to quickly snatch the JOINT out of his mouth claiming he'd had MORE than enough!


So, GOODBYE, old friend.  I'll always remember the GOOD times, as there were no real BAD times between us!




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