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Roller Boogie (1979)


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I don't know if anyone else watched Roller Boogie last night.  I popped in about 15 minutes into it when Linda Blair was just meeting the ultimate Roller Disco king at the Jammer's Rink.  At first, I didn't think much of this movie, thinking that it looked dumb and it was.  However, when Blair saw the flyer on the board for the upcoming "Boogie Contest," for some reason I was hooked.  I knew there'd be some sort of roller skating dance competition at the end and as a result, felt compelled to watch. 


I don't know what it is about roller disco films.  They'd usually not very good, but oddly intriguing.  I will admit that I love XanaduRoller Boogie was similar to Xanadu in that it involved roller skating and a romance.  Except Xanadu had higher caliber stars in the form of Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John.  Xanadu also had better music.  However, both had skating and disco skating and who really needs more than that?  I read that this was the first and only film for Blair's co-star.  He was not very good.  Good at roller skating, not at acting.


I also loved Blair's reproduction Phateon Excalibur that she was driving.  I understand that replica "kit cars" were popular during the 70s.  I had never heard of such a thing, so I found that interesting.


I'll admit the funniest part for me was when Blair tells her mother that she doesn't want to go to Julliard because she wants to enter the roller boogie contest at the end of the summer.  It was so ridiculous that she'd give up a spot at such a prestigious school for disco roller skating, but it was a way to get away from the life her parents had planned for her that she didn't enjoy.


I watched the whole movie waiting for the roller boogie contest and then fell asleep and missed their routine! Ugh! The roller boogie contest was the whole reason I was watching and I fell asleep.  I was watching and next thing I knew, I looked up and Blair and her co-star were holding their roller boogie contest trophy.  Lame!


I know there was also the whole subplot about the gang who wanted to buy Jammer's roller rink and raze it so that they could build something else on the property--which of course, the kids at the rink overheard and plotted to save their beloved hangout.  I also missed how they thwarted the gang's efforts. 


I also laughed because "Jammers" is what I call my husband as a pet name because his name is James. 


Even though it definitely wasn't a good movie by any means, I found it oddly entertaining. 

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While I wasn't looking at Blair as "nubile," I can see where that would come from.  She's definitely grown up since The Exorcist and she was wearing the skin tight roller disco costumes and bikinis.  I thought she was "cute" and believable as the "flautist prodigy turned roller boogie skating champion." I thought her co-star was terrible and it annoyed me when he kept doing ice skating jumps in his routine.  Maybe skating is skating, but I wanted to see dancing. 


I loved the costumes and all the routines.  Makes me sad that roller rinks were pretty much done when I was growing up.  There might be a few here and there but they're definitely not in their heyday anymore.


While I still maintain that Xanadu is my favorite roller disco skating movie, I feel like I need to see Skatetown USA too, so then I can probably assert my opinion that Xanadu is still my favorite roller disco skating movie. 


I hate to say it, but if I found Roller Boogie for under $5 somewhere, I'd probably buy it.

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