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Name This Film - Main Title Music

Ray Faiola

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Thanks Ray, but Don't make fun of my Kay (great clue though) LOL :D




The Devil made me do it...!  And the score, by the way, is by Max Steiner.


Okay, here's today's musical puzzler.  Late 1930's.  Smaller but older studio.  Music became theme for series of similar pictures.



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Any chance it's Three Smart Girls??


Musically, you're on the right track.  But that's not the picture.  This film is a bit more urban-oriented!  You might say this picture was closer to five wise boys!

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Oh, must be Dead End Kids, TOUGH LITTLE GUY?

Yes - Universal's LITTLE TOUGH GUY.  1938. Music by Frank Skinner.  There is a woeful cue when Billy Halop reads his father is going to die in the chair.  The cue was reused in 1941's THE WOLF MAN when Larry Talbot sees the pentagram in Gwen's hand.


Okay, this one's theme should be evident from the start.  If you're familiar with the various studio sounds (in the old days, each studio had a unique aural quality and each studio's orchestra had completely different makeup and balance from the other.  Totally unique.  Today, they all sound the same)  you might be able to pick out the studio and composer.  More clues tomorrow if necessary.



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Could it be "All Through The Night" with Bogart and Conrad Veidt?  


Yes, that's it.  My favorite Bogart film (no, not the best, of course - just the one for which I have the most affection).  Music by Adolph Deutsch, whom I considered Warners' answer to Roy Webb.


Okay, this next one is obviously not noir.  And, once again, the studio is a giveaway.  But a different period than earlier puzzlers to be sure.  This will be easy if you're a fan of the picture.



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