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"Gattaca" (1997) by Andrew Niccol questions


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Can you help me about these questions?? Gattaca movie

1. Identify the movie by stating its title, the year it was released, the name of the director, where the story is set, and the time period in which the story takes place.

2. Who is the main character and what is he or she like?   

3. Who or what is the person who works against the main character and what is he, she, or it like? 

4. What is the conflict that is driving the main character to act?

5. Is there another less important conflict, often referred to as a subplot, which helps drive the story? If so, describe that conflict and who is involved in it.

6. Describe three actions that the main character takes in order to try to resolve the conflict. 

7. What is the climax or moment of highest tension?    

8. How is the conflict resolved?  

9.  What aspects of the main character's personality lead to the resolution of the conflict?  Support your conclusion

10. What lessons from this film can viewers apply to their own lives?   Name three and, for each, describe the lesson.  If you can recall some dialogue that relates to any of the lessons, describe what was said.  For each lesson, describe how the personality traits of the characters and the events of the story teach the lesson.  There may be fewer than three lessons in the movie but try to find three.  

Lesson No. 1:       Notes:

Lesson No. 2:      Notes: 

Lesson No. 3:      Notes:

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