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I also wanted to give us something different to discuss each day-- and I realized that a lot of threads go off on non-film related tangents when the original topic is exhausted. In theory, this thread should not go off-topic too much, because there's always a new daily concept to explore.



Yeah! And it seems to be working too, eh TB?!


(...I mean just looks at what "a good boy" I'VE BEEN in this thread since you started it, RIGHT?!...yep, I think I've ONLY made ONE joke in it since you started this new policy o' yours here, RIGHT?!) ;)



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Thanks Fred!  


Tomorrow I want to focus on a well-known classic that has a New Year's Eve scene in it. So that means, yes you guessed it, the thread title will have something to do with THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE...


Next time, you need to tell people that YOU ARE CHANGING THE THREAD TITLE FROM DAY TO DAY, so they can look up their old posts on this thread.

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Not trying to analyze you Dargo, but I think you may be a bit like me in one regard-- I have ADHD, or whatever they're calling it these days. So I like it when topics evolve and we have something new to mull over and discuss each day. A lot of threads go stale if fresh ideas are not added...


Yeah, I was always a wiz at Summer School classes TOO back in the day, kid! LOL


(...and when a subject's course wasn't all long and drawn-out like it was during the regular semesters!) ;) 

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I believe there is a 'Follow This Topic' button at the top of the thread (every thread has this feature)...so even if the thread title is updated, you can still track it. It will always be 'Today's Topic...' followed by the newest topic. 


Also, I think you can do searches easily on this website. So if you wanted to find old posts you wrote about MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, for example, in the thread, you can search by that phrase, and it will put you right back into thread where your comments and others' replies are located.


Now TB!


I don't think you might be takin' into consideration here that maybe Fred DIDN'T like the faster pace of summer school classes back when HE was a kid?!!! ;)



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You know, Dargo, ADHD does not necessarily mean remedial education is required. LOL


A friend of mine proudly tells people she has ADHD. I know when I go out with her, we're always going to have a great time-- because she likes to keep moving, hopping around!  So I see it as a very positive thing. :)


Well, I'm certainly glad SOMEBODY does, anyway!!! LOL ;)


(...btw...just keep doin' the same thing here...I LIKE this new "format" of yours here...keeps things "fresh" as you said...and if the some of the "regulars" who visit  this place everyday "can't keep up" somehow, I say it's "their problem" NOT yours, dude!!!)

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Your idea is an interesting one, but I think it would help to let other people know what you are doing,

and also you might want to provide a helpful occasional index to your different thread titles.


And let's hope 4 or 5 people don't start doing the same thing, or we'll never be able to find anything.



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Thanks for the suggestions Fred. I agree that an occasional index would be helpful.


Here are the topics for the coming week:


Wednesday December 31st: A recommended article 

Sharing an old Saturday Evening Post essay on THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE


Thursday January 1st: Q & A with Miranda Summerfield

Miranda is a character from MGM's classic motion picture THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA. She is also a very active member at the Virginia Weidler Remembrance Society. Ginnyfan has made it possible for me to interview Miranda. You are going to love reading this!


Friday January 2nd: Who turns 100 in 2015?

A listing of on-camera and off-camera talent from the studio era whose hundredth birthdays occur in the new year.


Saturday January 3rd: Life is a Lubitsch, then you die

An appreciation of Ernst Lubitsch's masterpiece HEAVEN CAN WAIT.


Sunday January 4th: When screen time is real time

Using HIGH NOON and a few other titles to discuss movies where the time that elapses on screen is synchronized with real viewing time. Not many filmmakers have been able to do this successfully.


Monday January 5th: Movie star autographs

A photo essay of celebrity signatures. And a chance to mention the business of buying and selling autographed pictures.


Tuesday January 6th: One scene wonders

A look at character actress Mary Gordon and character actor Franklin Pangborn who often had just one tiny but memorable scene in a movie.


Wow, this thread should last the rest of your life, and get like a million posts. It'll probably end up being the greatest thread ever.

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Two films which, in my opinion, really sell out with implausible endings are:  "Female" and "The Flame Within." Both headlined by terrific actresses who play strong, feminist characters  -  Ruth Chatterton playing the owner of an auto company and Ann Harding playing a respected psychiatrist  --  each film ends with the woman giving up her career to satisfy the sexist needs of her respective soon-to-be-spouse.  Every time I have seen these films I have envisioned the studio execs conversation in the screening room:  "We don't want to make all of those 'little housewives in Middle America' feel slighted so let's have these career woman throw away everything to get married in the end."  Ann Harding,  seems particularly despondent at the prospect of giving up her career to "settle down" with Herbert Marshall and no one can convince me that Ruth Chatterton's character would ever really give up her company to have babies with George Brent.



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Some of the big new cruise ships look so top-heavy, I expect one to be turned over by a giant rogue wave some day.


Land is for me.... not high in the air or far out at sea, and not in a mine or cave. Nope, not for me. :)

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Some of the big new cruise ships look so top-heavy, I expect one to be turned over by a giant rogue wave some day.



Yep! The Titanic in comparison to modern cruise ships...





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...If only he'd pay us...



I always remind Miranda that fictitious characters don't need money nor do they need vacations or even sleep.



5: Indeed. I've seen your columns on Facebook, and they're certainly fun to read. Anything else you care to say, Miranda?


Remind everyone to contact TCM for more Ginny, especially getting BAD LITTLE ANGEL on the schedule for the holidays and LADDIE (1935) on television for the first time in 40 years. Also, contact ginnyfan and remind him that the domain name MirandaSommerfield.net is available.


We'll make sure to let ginnyfan know. By the way, here's the original trailer for THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA available for viewing at the TCM mediaroom:






That is the important point. Not the MirandaSommerfield.net part, but getting more exposure for BAD LITTLE ANGEL and the TV release of LADDIE .

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Who turns 100 in 2015?



9th: Anita Louise

9th: Fernando Lamas

11th: Veda Ann Borg

26th: William Hopper

30th: Dorothy Dell



4th: Norman Wisdom

4th: William Talman

7th: Eddie Bracken

12th: Lorne Greene

13th: Lyle Bettger

18th: Phyllis Calvert

21st: Ann Sheridan

23rd: Jon Hall

28th: Zero Mostel






10th: Henry 'Harry' Morgan

14th: Richard Hart

21st: Anthony Quinn



5th: Alice Faye

6th: Orson Welles

21st: Bill WIlliams

25th: Ginny Simms

31st: Barbara Pepper



1st: John Randolph

3rd: Iris Meredith

7th: Patricia Roc

12th: Priscilla Lane

19th: Pat Buttram

22nd: Wanda McKay

23rd: Dennis Price

25th: Peter Lind Hayes



2nd: Junior Durkin

17th: Cass Daley

18th: Phyllis Brooks



2nd: Gary Merrill

6th: Pamela Blake

11th: Jean Parker

29th: Ingrid Bergman



5th: Jack Beutel

10th: Edmond O'Brien

15th: Robert Shaw

24th: Larry Gates

29th: Brenda Marshall

29th: Anne Nagel



4th: Jean Gillie

30th: Jane Randolph



23rd: Ellen Drew



7th: Eli Wallach

12th: Frank Sinatra

13th: Curd Jurgens

14th: Dan Dailey

17th: Joan Woodbury

22nd: Barbara Billingsley

23rd: Jean Brooks

Are we now changing thread titles in midstream?.........And I thought this meant that  who is still alive that  turns 100.

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