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What's that old movies name...????


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Not too long ago I watched an old movie on Turner Classic Movies and for the life of me I can't seem to find any reference to it on the web or in the TCM database. If anyone can figure out which movie this is wins a big THANK YOU from me.


Era: 30's - 40's


Premise: A ex-con (who used to be a musicain I think) buys a nightclub where they have swing bands playing on a nightly basis, a gang of young kids crash the place and bring in a transistor radio and turn it up full blast disrupting the place. The owner asks the kids why they are doing that and they say their leader told them to do so and that they don't like the music the band plays. The owner of the nightclub then visits the gang leader found in an old abandoned theater where the gang hangs out. He confronts the gang leader and is surprised that he is only a young punk with a big chip on his shoulder. The owner then asks the gang leader if he would like to work for him at $25 per week. The young gang leader says OK then takes the young kid under his wing giving him free run of his home and tries to teach him how to be a man rather than a punk. He gets him a nice dress suit, gives him boxing lessons, gives him the key to his house so he can come and go, etc. Soon afterwards the owners ex partner in crime is up for parole and asks the owner if he could get a job at his place which will help him get paroled. Everyone tells him he is crazy to give him a job but he goes ahead anyway and hires his old partner in crime who hasn't changed a bit and has plans to take over the owners nightclub. Soon the partner in crime starts wreaking havoc with the owners business by trying to buy and bribe his band members to play somewhere else, he gets caught doing so and now it's open game, the crime partner turns ruthless and burns down the owners nightclub with the help of the leader of the gang. In the process someone gets killed and the leader of the gang has a change of heart because he didn't want anyone to get hurt, to he goes to the owner and they devise a plan to catch his ex partner in crime at the old theater. The kids have a hey day with the gangsters when they arrive at the old theater and some of them get strung up by curtain ropes. Soon after the cops arrive and catch the bad guy and the owner and the leader of the gang are then on good terms and they all live happily ever after. One distinguishing parting scene is where a tough girl in the gang smiles and you see that she had some of her teeth knocked out in the brawl with the gangsters.


For the life of me I cannot remember any of the charcters name or the actors or actresses. It had to be in the 30's or 40's since they mainly had swing music which is the premise of the show.


These are not the Dead End Kids, or any other name they used throughout their career, these were relatively unknown kids. The leader of the gang was very funny to watch and had a big chip on his shoulder and didn't trust anyone. Everyone in the movie used the word "Swell" in almost every sentence.


Anyone know this movie?


Pulling my hair out in Florida



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Scott--I know just what movie you're talking about because I just saw it a couple of months ago on TCM. But, by golly, I can't remember the name of the film or the actors and actresses and they were known names. So I'll start tearing my hair out, too, in sympathy for you. I know somebody has to know the names but it may take a day or two for them to answer. If you don't get any replies post it again under the topic of "Ask Mongo." I'll bet you'll get your information right off the bat. :) Sue

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Hi Sue,


Thanks for the Mongo tip! I am a newbie and that really helps me to know how to post in the future when I have nagging questions like this topic.


Thanks also for confirming that you saw this movie on TCM, I wasn't absolutely sure that I did see it on TCM until you said you saw it too in the same time frame I did.


It really frustrates me that I can't find anything even remotely close to this movie description on Google, TCM Database, IMDB Database, etc. It's almost as if it was never reviewed by a critic.


Hopefully someone in this forum knows the name or I will repost to Mongo as you suggested. Thanks again for your help and guidance!



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