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Worst Movie Musical Ever Made!

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Yes and still do. I have a regular group of friends who go on special showings

like Halloween the big night of the year. Also on anniverseries of it being showed

on the stars birthdays and stuff. The only showing I could not stand was the

Broadway Play. They would not let you throw rice,or even do anything. It sucked

big time and of course it bombed. In the nature of RHPS. Don't dream it,Be it.

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I think "Gypsy" is OK, but Russell shouldn't have played it. As much as I love her-Merman should have had that role as Lansbury should have had " Mame." Thank God Robert Preston got to do "The Music Man."

Oh, I almost forgot-" South Pacific" has got to be on this list. Mitxi Gaynor and Josh Logan scuttled this one. What a crying shame! Nellie Forbush cried out for Doris Day!! She would have been terrific. She had EVERY quality the role called for! Anyone agree?

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It's no big deal, but if it bothers you, Sheldon, just use the Spell Check at the top of the message box.


Hey! Hasn't anybody ever seen "Song of Norway?" Any movie that matches Oscar Holmolka and Edward G. Robinson with Florence Henderson and a cast of Scandinavian unknowns to tell the story of Edvard Grieg's life is just asking for it.


The music is fantastic (if you're a classical music fan) and the scenery is great, but the acting and plot resemble David Orick's 7 lb. wonder. They suck big time. And if that's not enough, the playing time is close to 3 hours. Sad to say, but I suffer through all this for Grieg's music.


Oh, well. It could be worse. It could be raining.

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I agree that SOUTH PACIFIC is a big disappointment. While I don't dislike Mitzi (and yes Doris would have been ideal and Mary Martin was by probably too old by then) those colored filters are like some sort of druggy experience. Very weird and really takes one "out" of the film and makes one aware of the effect

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I'm still reeling over that "Krakatoa, East of Java" post - what was that all about?


I'm a musical fan and really like "Paint Your Wagon" (I know, I know, the leads can't really sing, but they are very effective in selling their numbers). And Harve Presnell can sing and has the best song. It's too long, but I like it.


I also like (a lot) "South Pacific." Mitzi was terrific (as I'm sure Doris would have been). The colored filters are a bit disconcerting at times, but I got over that quickly. It's a musical - it's not supposed to be a slice of life. What about the production with Glenn Close? I haven't seen it but have heard that it's very bad. True?


I still think the worst movie musical (that I have ever seen) was "A Chorus Line," followed closely by "Mame." I admit to not having seen the Alice Faye movies or the Vernon and Irene Castle story which someone mentioned earlier, so I can't comment on what I haven't seen.



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"Man of La Mancha" was a outstanding stage play with Richard Kiley. I also saw a road show version with Jose Ferrer in the lead, that was very good. Hollywood always wants a boxoffice name in their musicals, regardless if they can sing. Kiley wasn't. "Lost Horizon" started out with all the right intension's but went downhill from there. Cast problems, production and the best songs cut. It was a disaster The James Hilton story deserved so much more. I have the original soundtrack album.

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Does anyone remember the 1976 US-Russian co-production, "The Blue Bird", with Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Cicely Tyson, James Coco, and many others? I recall being fascinated by this as a child but think I knew, even then, it wasn't because it was one of the great musicals.


Otherwise, my list (in no particular order):


1967's Rex Harrison monstrosity, "Dr Doolittle"

"At Long Last Love", with tone-deaf Burt Reynolds and Cybill Shepherd (who actually now has an attractive singing voice), as well as Eileen Brennan, among others who had the misfortune of crossing Peter Bogdanovich's path


"Tommy" & "The Wall" - ah, rock opera...that sound you hear is the bottom of the barrel being scraped


"Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" - I love Jane Russell but this is one sequel that never should have been


"The Opposite Sex" - a wretched musical remake of "The Woman", starring a flat (if not altogether off-key) June Allyson (complete with butch haircut) and Joan Collins, who is positively arthritic in her one 'dance' number


"Jesus Christ Superstar", "Evita" and "Phantom of the Opera" - Andrew Lloyd Webber strikes again!


"Glitter", starring talentless, overblown windbag Mariah Carey and Mark Wahlberg-wannabe Max Beasley in yet another rip-off of "A Star Is Born"


"Newsies" - Disney at its worst, it features not a single redeeming scene or song


"Roller Boogie" - a cheap quickie made to capitalise on the late 70's love affair with rollerskating


"Rocky Horror Picture Show" - hate hate hate this film


"You Got Served" - a hip-hop/rap (ahem) "music" film that's little more than a modern-day take on those old Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney "let's put on a musical!" films, it's all street "dancing" (which I'm not fond of) and street slang, most of which seems far, far removed from the English language as we know it


"Guys & Dolls" and "Brigadoon" - I really wanted to like these but they leave me ice cold every time


"De-Lovely" - oh, how I looked forward to this...only to be sorely disappointed in nearly everything it had to offer


"Everyone Says I Love You" - a Woody Allen nightmare, redeemed only by Goldie Hawn, who can actually carry a tune (WORST offender: Julia Roberts, who sings like a frog with a sore throat)


Any film starring Prince, but most especially "Under the Cherry Moon" and "Graffiti Bridge". Virtually unwatchable, due mostly to Prince, his "music" and his inexplicably inflated ego


Those hokey old Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy flicks - I've never, and I mean NEVER, been able to sit through one in its entirety; like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson, these two old turkeys make me want to scratch someone's eyes out!


"Grease 2" - whatever spirit the original had, this one destroyed


"Staying Alive" - Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta, in which both allow their penchant for lousy movie-making to run rampant. Watch and be amazed at what ego and too much power can do to a career!


"Rhinestone" - you gotta love Dolly Parton (goodness knows I do) but she and Sylester Stallone (again!) have zero chemistry; worse yet, he "sings". Enough said.


"Camelot", "Man of La Mancha", "Mame", "A Chorus Line"


"Annie" - there's a reason John Huston direced only one musical in his lifetime


Robert Altman's "Popeye", of which there are NO redeeming qualities whatsoever


For sheer camp, you can't beat "Can't Stop the Music", "Xanadu", "The Apple", and "Sextette" - they're laugh-out-loud classics!

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I like your musical notations. I laughed.


One question.


"Rocky Horror Picture Show" - hate hate hate this film..."


Why? why? why?

I am not much of a fan (strike that...not a fan) of "Rocky Horror Picture Show". I was interested if there was one thing you hated, or just the "Rocky Horror" cult thing?


BTW: My single viewing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" was one of those midnight shows, theater in Boulder, Colorado, the coldest night since time began. Well, after the show, I could say I had the "Rocky Horror" experience...I guess.



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Oo oo oo.......why indeed?


I'm curious john, if you wouldn't mind sharing, what age group you are in? 25-30, 40-45, you don't have to be specific, if you don't care to be.


I'm 56 and loved, loved, loved it. Tim Curry looked better in makeup than I do, and I almost cried at "I'm Going Home".


Loved the theater experience (only went once) when the audience yelled at the guy doing the time warp: Get A Neck, plus many other unprintable phrases.


Hmmm, maybe I am sappy, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, so much so that I got the soundtrack.......and the VHS......and the book.


P.S. Meanwhile, I despise Sound of Music with the heat of two suns. Hate, hate, hate.

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Hey John

If you hate,hate,hate Rocky Horror Picture Show, you should never see Shock

Treatment. Richard O'Brian made a sequal to RHPS. It is really bad though I enjoyed the song he sings Little Black Dress. It is a dismal thing with Janet and Brad going on a game show, they win Brad a stay in O'Brians Mental Health Clinic.

Brad's long lost twin Brother has his design on Janet. If you are ever tempted to see it Run Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To Stoneybrooke

I also love,love, love it. I got into RHPS in college. I had surgery and missed about two weeks of classes. So he told me I could not get a A which was my average in Abnormal Psychology. I talked him into letting me take his make up

activity which would earn me my A. He tells the group of us to meet him at the college at 11p.m. Take with us a disposable raincoat,ligther,hot dogs, mustard and so on and so on. He has us waiting and waiting at the collage. No he was a man who always wore a three piece suit,tie etc. He comes prancing across the

parking lot in heels that would kill me, Frankefurter's outfit complete with the feather boa. He has a van driver from the college take us to the local theather

where it was being showned. He goes in and dissapears in the crowd of his friends. We are standing there watching the lips sings and the crowd start singing along. Frank came on screen and I just feel in love with him. Last time

I checked I have seen it about 49 times when I dressed up. My favorite character is the house keeper. Magenta is the best character in the whole thinkg. Don't dream it,be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As for At Long Last Love the movie wasn't as bad as everyone says it is. Thank maonly to the late and great Madeline Kahn. She was photographed at her most beautiful in this film and its a pleasure to have a two hour movie musical with her singing and dancing. She was a Broadway star as well as a movie star.

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Hello all.


In response to a couple of questions:


1) My hatred of "Rocky Horror...": can't say just why it gets on my nerves so much. It's probably partly due to the fact I didn't enjoy the music itself, the story, etc. For me, it just tries too hard. I'm also one of those souls who, when bombarded with "this is the greatest [fill-in-the-blank]", usually find the intended thing (film, song, book, tv show, etc.) to be the biggest waste of my time once I've experienced it. However, believe it or not - thanks to HBO - I saw its little-remembered sequel, "Shock Treatment" YEARS before I saw "RHPS" itself. I watched it only because it starred Jessica Harper, whom I always liked (by the way, if you're ever wondering "what happened to her?", she's now making music for kids and doing well at it, from what I've read). As for my enjoyment, well...I feel ashamed to say it mustn't have made much of an impression because I can't remember a single thing about it.


Thanks, though, for those who've shared what makes this movie 'work' for them.


2) As for why I put myself through this, well...I love Bad Movies. Always have, always will. I'm talking REALLY BAD movies. I love GOOD movies, too, just as much, but, like someone who has a soft spot for the pathetic or the unloved, I am drawn to the "Worst Of..." movie lists.


3) Someone wanted to know my age group: I'm 37. Also an Aquarius (I like to think that gives me a certain outlook on things).


I just recently discovered this Message Board on TCM. I've only ever really looked at the Schedules. This is simply a wonderful find! I really enjoy reading everyone's posts, even if I don't particularly agree with what's said.

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Yep, got my A and a addition for going to midnight showings of Rocky Horror.

We had to write a paper on the experience of going. and the only thing I could equate it to was going to mass. That is the only time people all stand,kneel,sit and say the sane thing at the same time. He loved it and begged me to keep

the paper I wrote. Marty was a very interesting instructor and a good judge of movies.

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That story has to be true...who could make that up!? Thank you for sharing.


Your story motivated me to 'fill out' my one "Rocky Horror" experience. In case you missed the beginning--"It was the coldest night since forever". We drove the few miles downtown through the carbon dioxide precipitation. Got a seat just before midnight. By the time "Rocky Horror" started not one seat was empty!


At that time, I had not heard much about the midnight show phenomena, so I did not know what to expect. Most of the rest of the audience was prepared with costumes and props. Let's see, props--rolls of toilet paper and...help me...and confetti...and toast? What other items?


Anyway. A good time was had by that "Rocky Horror" audience...including me.



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Water, jarhfive. I remember water pistols during the downpour when DAMMIT Janet and Brad hold the newspapers over their heads.


Mind you, this was ages ago in a galaxy far far away. I was oldish at the time...maybe 30-ish....and went with my brother and his girlfriend. This brother thought the 'it's only a flesh wound' scene of one of the Monty Python movies was the funniest thing since sliced bread, so although I adored MP, I was hesitant on RHPS since I thought my brother 'out there'.


I ended up loving it, although I never did go again. I never knew there was a phenomena until I saw it documented years later on cable teevee.


Now this lovely small theater...TOWN theater in New Rochelle...is long shuttered and New Rochelle is glutted with Trump high rises while the crooked mayor elect (replacing the former crooked mayor) is giving away the city (no taxes for 30 years) whilst doing nothing for the downtown stores. New Rochelle is a ghost town, and a disgusting shell of its former glorious self. Eddie Foy is no doubt rolling over in his grave.


All my opinion, of course, in case there are any crooked New Rochelle mayor-**** here.

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