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Robert Redford- The Chase


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The film was called “The Chase” and it starred Marlon Brando, E.G. Marshall, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford and released in 1966. I am happy and grateful that the world depicted in this movie is not one we expect to see in this day and age.

The story was about a convict (Redford) who had just escaped from prison. Folks in Redford’s small isolated home town were convinced that Redford had committed murder during the escape and that he was headed to town to cause trouble.thechaseposter.jpg

The citizens hounded the sheriff (Brando) to do something to protect them from Redford.  They challenged his commitment to this duty because of Brando’s friendship with a powerful man in town (Marshall) whose son was a boyhood friend of Redford’s. Apparently Marshall was responsible for the sheriff’s appointment to office.

Halfway through the film, I realized that the townspeople had little respect for authority, the law, or each other. The well-to-do folks had parties that turned into drunken ****; wives were having affairs openly with other women’s husbands and vice versa; drunkenness, lechery and debauchery was the norm. The behavior of the teenaged children of these folks was equally wild.

{Spoiler alert}  Several middle-aged men dressed in suits and ties, who had been drinking at one of the parties, broke into the sheriff’s office to talk to a guy in a holding cell who was friends with Redford and probably knew where he was.

The man was African-American (although they weren’t using that term in 1966).

The men started beating the sheriff to a pulp while E.G. Marshall broke into the cell and literally beat the truth out of the terrified black man inside. Marshall then raced to the place where Redford was hiding. Marshall was trying to keep his son from becoming an accomplice by harboring Redford.

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