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Wallace Reid

Cocoanut Grove The Movie

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Hey everyone check this out: 

I came upon this link about the famous night club fire from Nov 28th, 1942.  I was aware and had heard of this but after doing further research found not one feature film had ever been made about it even though one of Hollywood's own cowboy star Buck Jones perished in this fire.  With lack of originality in Hollywood these days I thought why not? Why not make a movie about this and the way this screenplay is written it seems to have the sports, love story, mystery, and like it says:

The Boston story that has never been told.

In a triangle between 
love, coincidence & corruption, 
only two make it out alive.








So tell me what you think, check out the links and see if you feel the same.







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It's a great story for many reasons, and I sure hope they get it done, but the last I heard they still haven't gotten it fully funded.   The woman behind it, though, is a ball of energy, and I've still got faith that she'll see it through.

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