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Same films all the time


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Hi all, i've been a loyal watcher of TCM and in general i do love the channel. I wish the programers would please start showing some of the films that are never shown on any of the other channels. I would love to see the 1954 film 1984. I'm aware that TCM has started showing some others like Reds, Mask and some others. Please don't get me wrong I do love most of the films TCM shows, but it would be nice to see some real classic films that are rarely shown. What would you love to see? I'll await all your comments. Larry.

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Please don't think I am "picking on you", however, this complaint comes up a lot and I'm not sure why. Yes, it is true that TCM shows a lot of the very best classic movies (at least the ones in their library) over and over again. Perhaps you haven't read tcmprogrammer's explanation as to why this is - the basic reason is that the channel is ALWAYS trying to attract new viewers.


It would be pretty difficult for those of us who love the classics to get new folks (frustrated with the new junk being released these days?) to try watching them if they weren't being shown every month. For example, suppose you're having a discussion with someone who hasn't seen a great movie in a while and you find out that they've never seen (e.g.) Casablanca, or one of Hitchcock's many great films, or any of Bette Davis's many great performances, etc.? The chances are pretty good that you could point them to TCM and they could see one of the best films from the Golden Age of moviemaking without having to wait very long. Plus, they'd get to see it uncut, commercial free, and in Letterbox format (if available)! Bingo, a new convert!!!


For those of us who've watched TCM for years, we have to look deeper sometimes. Not just for the handful (sometimes more) of TCM premieres each month, but into the lesser known films of the lesser known stars, perhaps even be willing to watch a B movie. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. I scour the schedule every month and you wouldn't believe the gems I've unearthed. I usually try to highlight these on my website, though there are several I don't know about until I've watched them myself.


No one, who's been paying attention, should complain about the unique programming recently (except perhaps this month;- ) given the films from Mexico, all the premieres during April Fool's month, etc.. If you are, then I guess it's true that some people are never satisfied.


I don't want to reiterate the party line wrt which films are TCM's library, you should know this by now. If not, the information is readily available on these boards and you can search for a particular title yourself by clicking the Advanced Search button above (almost top right).


If there is a film NOT in their library, or one that is that you haven't seen, you can use the "Suggest A Movie" link above. Yes, sometimes it will be many months (it will be at least 3 months because that's how far out TCM does their scheduling), but eventually they'll show it. I know because, next month, they will FINALLY be showing two John Ford films I've been requesting. Of course, some films they will never (?) be able to show for legal reasons, FOX owns them and won't give them the rights, or they're too expensive to lease, etc.. That's why I also have a Netflix subscription.


I don't know if you think what I've just typed is helpful or not, but I've tried to save tcmprogrammer from having to answer it for the umpteenth time;-)

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Hello Path 40A, Wow I just read your post, and you may have misunderstood what I meant. I was'nt complaing about TCM, Far from it. Look maybe I'm spoiled, I own over 6,000 films {VHS} and have either seen most of the TCMs movies each month, or own them. I do agree with what you said. I have met many people that have never seen Casablanca, or even Gone With The Wind. So as far as complaining about TCM no way. You don't bite the hand that feeds you lol As far as I'm concerned TCM is the best movie channel there is. Again thank you for your post. And I look forword to speaking with you in the near future. Larry

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One thing to keep in mind is that while the Turner Library owns a great deal of film, they don't own everything. Other studios still retain rights to a good amount of their own films (see the Film Libraries thread for a discussion on what films Turner owns).


If a film is not in the Turner Library, then it has to be leased from another studio and I would wager that TCM has a yearly budget for that but it probably isn't big. Also, given a choice between watching another studio's film or a TCM original documentary, I'd prefer they spend the $$ on the documentaries as so few studios are doing docs on the classic films, directors and stars.


Lastly, another reason may be restoration and preservation work. Warners is the one studio that truly gets that idea and while it is costly they restore more films per year than any other studio. This preservation work may be one reason why certain films in the TCM library aren't available right now. Preservation and restoration work is very time consuming especially if not all the elements can be found and a treasure hunt is called for and while it seems crazy that certain films can take years to restore, that's often the case.


Just some things to keep in mind when viewing the monthly schedules....



lynn in sherman oaks


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