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Please Help Remember Movie


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Ok, Here we go, Its about a doctor  ( Im thinking Joel Mccrea or someone who reminds me of him)and wife ,( she always seems to be upsetabout something) Doctor Buys a house , when the go to the house it looks nothing like he thought, a real fix -r-up-r and told her he bought it from a Photo, well he's a busy man. He ends up getting a new assistant who is a beautiful woman, now she is upset about this, Wife has a dinner party, he's late for that because of his job as a doctor. I remember stuff like that. I think she leaves and they maybe even have a child. I just remember it was a good one. I hope you all could maybe help a Tcm Fan out. Thanks Andy

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A lot of the plot sounds like Stanley Kramer's 1955 "Not as a Stranger" with Robert Mitchum, Olivia de Havilland  and Frank Sinatra...


Well if the OP confused bored housewife Gloria Grahame with "a new assistant who is a beautiful woman"! 


As for this film;  that scene where Gloria and Bob do the dance and the camera stays focused on those horses in heat, always made me laugh.

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