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Voting Thread for: TCM Programming Challenge #28

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I'm intrigued by the TV idea, only because both Johnny Carson interviews and Mitzi Gaynor's television specials have aired on TCM in the past.  I loved that Gaynor's special included the original 1974 commercials.



I will cautiously give advice that you place limit on television programs to avoid possibility that some entrant will schedule nearly full week of programs with few movies appearing. Capuchin is one who might do such a thing because he is of the type that if you give him an inch then he believes that he is a ruler. 


I did come to think after I saw a few entries that it might have been best if I had limited Disney animated movies to perhaps three so as to remain true to spirit of how Disney features are being integrated into real schedules.


I believe that May would be good month to have next Challenge. It seems to be very long time from now but such things seem to come very fast when one is not watching.

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Perhaps it would be worth having folks who have done the challenges over the past few years

weigh in on whether some "sacred cows" should be revisited.  For instance:  Why a 10 premiere limit?

Why not 12? Or 5? 


I have not looked at all past Challenges and so can not make authoritative statement but I believe that there have been Challenges with ten and Challenges with twelve.


I believe that that range is perhaps best because it is far more liberal than limit placed on actual TCM Programmers and it yet reins in those entrants who want to have week of Fox and Paramount movies to exclusion of all else. I feel it is important to have such limit also because TCM Programmers mine entries for ideas for real schedule. I suspect they would not give serious consideration to any theme which requires inordinate number of Premieres on one day.


I would not like to see limit reduced from approx. ten because I feel that important aspect of Challenges is that having movie Premiere in schedule is excellent method of suggesting movies for actual schedules. 


I hope that these statements do not give impression that I am purist who does not wish any rules to ever change. I believe that I have allowed extra Premieres to be used in optional themes in all Challenges which I have hosted. This is not standard to rules. I do it to prompt entrants to indulge my perverse whims. I feel that such optional themes have such tight focus that extra Premieres for it do not dilute schedule.

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Congratulations, Speedracer5.


You had a wonderful schedule and I'm delighted that you won this challenge.  


May is probably a very good month to do a Challenge.


I'd like to offer a few thoughts-Sansfin got the juices flowing.  I think that it's up to who is hosting the challenge to decide on many of the aspects but I think that sticking to what one thinks are similar TCM programming limitations is good.  That way, our suggestions are especially viable.  I have seen the allowed number of premieres to range a bit but 10 seems to be the average.  I do think that (although it is up to each moderator) allowing anyone to post a schedule and opt out of voting is okay.  I, myself, have done it and several others have done it through the years.  If you have entered several challenges, you may not want to host again.  Few are going to post a schedule unless they REALLY want to do respond to a challenge because it is always a lot of work.


Yeah, Speedracer5!

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It sounds like May will be a good choice.


May 3, 2015 will be the beginning of Challenge #29


Please bear with me if it seems like things are posted "late," I'm in Pacific Standard Time.  I know that many on this board are in Eastern Standard Time.  It's hard for me to function 3 hours earlier.


I've been taking everything that everyone has said to heart and will work on the challenge in the meantime.  I already have a couple ideas.  Please feel free to share further ideas.  I will consider everything and try and craft a good challenge.  I'm sad that I can't participate in my own challenge.  Lol.


I will reveal a few spoilers here and there so everyone can get their creative juices flowing. 


I'm not worried if people would like to enter schedules and then "opt" out of voting.  I hope that we get enough participants so that there is a healthy pool of schedules to vote for.


Thank you everyone.  I hope that I can do this next challenge justice.

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 I'm sad that I can't participate in my own challenge.  Lol.


Thank you everyone.  I hope that I can do this next challenge justice.

I know what you mean!  When you moderate, the challenge you present is often something that is very close to your heart

(as character actors were/are to me) and you invariably think:  "Damn!  I have a thousand ideas for this challenge.  Too bad I 

can't do a schedule."  It's the good news/bad news about being in charge.


Though it seems a little daunting at first, there are all of the challenges that came before to guide you (in terms of information to be disseminated, what films are allowed and which are not) and a big community of folks willing to help.  So, enjoy crafting your challenge and make it something you would love to see on TCM. 


Spring is going to be a crazy time for me and mine so I hope I can find the time to come out and play with you all for Challenge #29. In any case, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Good luck.



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