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I wish all to know that they are welcome and encouraged to peruse various schedules and to vote for that one that they feel is the very best of those submitted in TCM Programming Challenge.


To vote for a schedule is to show TCM programmers that you support the type of movies used in that schedule. Charles Tabesh has stated many times that he and his staff consider TCM Programming Challenge to be valuable source for ideas for real schedules. 


I fear that some may feel that this is game for clique and so ignore it. It is not a game. It is expression of interest in themes and movies. It is step beyond making simple list of movies which a person wishes that TCM would air. 


The only caveat to voting is that you must be registered with this site on or prior to January 1, 2015.


Voting can be done in voting thread or by sending me PM.


Voting thread:




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I understand well how entry thread may seem alien to many. They may have no desire to create schedule and so have no wish to participate.


I hope that some might find voting thread interesting because these schedules shows entrants' opinions on which movies fit well together and are worthy of being in real schedule. It is fun also because some themes are quite outrageous!

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Thank you SansFin. I missed the eligibility date so I will vote next time. I cannot imagine the time involved in creating these schedules. They are very good.


I am very sorry for the gap of only a few days! 


I am sure that the entrants would appreciate comments on their schedules even if you can not vote for one. I feel it is advantage in this Challenge that I can not vote because it would be very difficult for me to chose one only!


I believe that the time involved in creating a schedule varies greatly by person. I have created one in two days. I believe that most people spend an hour or two here and there to build their schedules. There is full month allowed but most entries are made within first two weeks of Challenge.


I feel that the best way to start might be to assemble list of movies which you would like TCM to air. Then divide them into groups which could be themes. Then assemble information easily available re: studio, actors, running time and etc.. Then tear out hair in great chunks as you try to fit them into coherent schedule. :)

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I tried to post on the voting challenge thread at least six times and it won't go through. It just times out. So if I would like to comment on the schedules should I keep trying that thread or post here? I don't know what the problem is.


I am sorry to say that timing out is problem with the new forum software. It is because there are several large posts and software is limited in time it can use to load pages.


I doubt that any of the entrants would see your comments here. I believe the best thing would be to wait until there are more posts in the Voting thread. That is because not all the large posts on first page will be called up when opening second page or third.


It should be easy to see the entries in the original thread because the large posts are spread out over more pages. That thread is at:


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