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We rescued this little guy about two and a half weeks ago. He showed up outside my fiancee's apartment on a cold day (with snow in the forecast). Once we realized he was not feral, we took him in. We searched several days for the owner, but no luck. So we took him to a clinic, had a chip put in, got him "fixed" and got his shots, and now he is ours. He is incredibly docile and friendly. We are guessing he is about a year old, or less. We named him Louie.



And here is how he likes to relax:


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my family had alotta pet cats over the decades and fondly remembered. one cat was a sickly kitten but grew into sturdy young felinehood. she was smart as a whip. she cried when she wanted dinner and opened doors with her paws. we had her for 18 years and then hadda relocate so we hadda give her up to a shelter. she round up on a farm after taking care of some kittens in the shelter. she developed a skin condition which caused scabs on her fur.

well sir...

that little dickens had enough wherewithall to commence laying out in the sun and cleared up her own fur.

smart as a whip she was. one of those cats who would talk to you with her meows.

she was silver grayish and we had her since birth. her father was also silver grayish but he was not very friendly.


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