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Dec schedule - thank you TCMProgrammer!


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The December schedule is up and I want to thank the TCMProgrammer for scheduling the much requested Warren William all day marathon, including "The Case of the Howling Dog" which I specifically requested also.


Lots of Nancy Drew, Andy Hardy etc.


Great month of programming (as usual).


Thank you!

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Yes, it's a good one. Direct access can be obtained by cutting & pasting this web address:




New on the schedule for December, 2005 (though these may not all be TCM premieres, several of them are):


Zelig (1983), Madame X (1937), Cleopatra (1912), Othello (1922), Henry V (1944), Hamlet (1948), Othello (1965), Gigi (1948), Oliver Twist (1948), The Last of the Mohicans (1936), A Night to Remember (1958), The Hurricane (1937), Wings of Desire (1987), and an all new documentary about Western director, The Budd Boetticher Story (2006)!


Wasn't someone just saying they've been showing the same old films all the time;-)


Looks like Bing Crosby is SOTM, so they'll be showing The Country Girl (1954)!

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WOW! Now, I can't to see John Ford's "The Hurricane" with amazing special effects, "Oliver Twist" which was once banned, a wicked Bruce Cabot in "Last of the Mohicans" and a fine British film "A Night to Remember" about the sinking of the Titanic.



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I am amazed that TCM will feature Wim Wender's WINGS OF DESIRE, on 12/27. Whenever we are asked for our 10 favorite films of all-time on the message board, this always tops my list and has since I saw it back in the late 80's. It was finally released on dvd a couple of years ago and is a true Arthouse masterpiece. If you don't care for subtitles, you may want to avoid it, as it's mostly in German, but to shun a film because you don't want to 'read' during a film (a few of my cinema-loving friends have this problem), well, you miss out on some really great movies. At the end of each year, probably Five of my Ten favorite films, are made outside of the U.S.


Anyway, WINGS OF DESIRE, without giving anything away, concerns an angel played by Bruno Ganz (Who played a convincing Hitler in the recent import, DOWNFALL), who wanders around modern-day Berlin, seeking a second chance at life. We see him interact with other angels, as they eavesdrop on the problems and lives of all they come in contact with and the only one who can see them is....Peter Falk! He supplies some humor to what some would consider a dark film, although the film is full of hope. WINGS OF DESIRE is an intelligent, poignant film that has more depth than anything coming out of Hollywood, circa 2005. Speaking of Hollywood, they tried to remake WINGS OF DESIRE in 1998, giving us the LOUSY Meg Ryan/Nicolas Cage vehicle, CITY OF ANGELS. If you are an adventurous film lover, please give WINGS OF DESIRE a look.


If you see it for any other reason, the cinematography is sublime. A lush mixture of Black and White, and color, by Henri Alekan, who was the cinematographer for Jean Cocteau's beautiful BELLE ET LA BELLE, LA (the 1946 French version, and possibly the best version, of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST), who was approaching 80 when he filmed WINGS OF DESIRE. Also, there are some good live performances in the film by the bands CRIME AND THE CITY SOLUTION, as well as the incredible NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS. So....suffice it to say, I am excited and thankful that TCM will broadcast the film that is my personal favorite, in addition to it's usual tremendous schedule. Again, TCM is worth the price I pay for cable, just on it's own. Thanks, guys!

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So intent to praise WINGS OF DESIRE, I mangled the title of Cocteau's LA BELLE ET LA BETE (Beauty and The Beast). Didn't pay enough attention during French class, I suppose. I own the dvd and have seen Philip Glass (as well as a group of talented musicians and vocalists) perform a live score for a screening of the film, about a decade ago. Maybe TCM will air THAT film again, as I believe I've seen it on TCM in the past......

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Wishes do come true.


In an earlier topic about neglected 'classics', I wrote about Howard Hawks 'Ball Of Fire' with Barbara Stanwyck, Gary Cooper and one of the greatest collection of character actors ever. I expressed my hope that it was included in the package of films TCM recently licensed from Paramount.


And there it is on December 11th.


Virginia isn't the only one to believe in Santa Claus this December


Thanks to any and all who were involved in showing this favorite of mine.


Kyle in Hollywood.


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December sounds great to me, I have not been watching TCM for about a month because of the movies being shown. I thought that they were getting ready to fold up or something (Time Warner pulled the plug). Reading the past posts, I wonder how old some of the people are who say those movies were great? August was a wash out for me.

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Obviously coming in a bit late on this one.

However, it's terrific to see you back-(path40)

& please drop me a line & let me know if you've been getting all items I sent onto you-(whenever I stumble upon something I feel others may enjoy, I forward immediately. I'm from the old school I reckon')


As for TCM & December already-(geeze, you folks are making me feel even older than I am. 40, going on 60)


I do know that the '36 version of "Last of Mohicans" is a personal pick-(Bruce Cabot's work in it) of Mongo's. I've as yet to see that version. Michael Mann did almost a great job though with the 1992 version, starring: *D. Day-Lewis! & for those that love scores-(most of us, right)

Outrageously, it's epic score by: Randy Edelman was snubbed? Check that powerful version out though.


As for "Wings of Desire" "Premiere Mag" voted it among top 10 of the 1980's. Coolest of all, Peter Falk plays himself in it. & it's re-make was also a nice flick-(for a change) 1998's "City of Angels" (Meg Ryan & *Nicolas Cage)


& you of all know of upcoming re-make of "0liver Twist"-(this is by *Polanski & has: *Sir Ben Kingsley as Fagin)


& ****-stars to you for citing '83's "Zelig" Over a decade before *"F. Gump" edited footage together. *"The Woodman"-Woody Allen beat them to the punch-(but at the time, nobody noticed?)


& I'd have to look at my past "NP Guides" But, someone can assist here, I am positive! Has *Bing Crosby-(1903-77) been SOTM as yet?

For the record *Crosby holds-(he is tied with B. Reynolds of all people?)

For being annual Box-0ffice Champion 5yrs in a row:

1944, 45, 46, 47 & 1948-(Ironically, his partner & pal: Bob Hope-(1903-2003) was voted #1 for 1949)






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