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Favorite Voice (Who Isn't Ronald Colman)


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Okay, we can probably all agree on the fact that Ronald Colman has the most beautiful and elegant voice of anyone who has ever lived. However, in evaluating a few of this month's movies on TCM I have come to the conclusion that there are also a few other voices that I rank right up there with Colman's. My first one is Jack Carson. I have always felt that he was an underated actor to begin with and the voice that emanates from his mouth will make me sit and watch him in just about anything that he acts in, even the lame Twilight Zone episode near the end of his career where he is a car salesman (great role for him). No big surprise of who is my second favorite...George Sanders. There must be a reason for why he has narrated a many of movie. I think if it wasn't for his voice I would not find him appealing at all, but because of his voice he holds a special place for me. I would be interested in finding out who some of the other great voices you may find appealing.

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I would make a list but all of you already wrote my list

except for Peter O' Toole and sir Anthony Hopkins and

the actor who does the verizon commericals on t.v.and

who recently did "On Golden Pond" at Lincoln Center but

had to quit because of recovering from pnemonia this

actor has quite a voice a gift from God! But for the life of me i can't remember his name ? lolite.

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James Mason and Jeremy Irons: ""Lolita, Lolita - Light of my Life - Fire of My Loins - LO - LEE - TAA!" ....


Also I love Doris Day's speaking voice - especially in "Pillow Talk" when she coos "Like a potbellied stove on a frosty morning!"


- Madge

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I have to agree with you about Doris Day. Their are lots of actors and actresses with great voices, most of them already mentioned (George Sanders, Lauren Bacall, James Stewart, etc) but I remember when I first saw Doris Day in The Man Who Knew To Much thinking what a fantastic voice she had.

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Hi, Loliteblue:


I was trying to post the other night to tell you the actor was James Earl Jones. I remembered from TCM that he was appearing in "On Golden Pond


Some of my other favorite voices are Laurence Olivier's, Charles Boyer's, and that fine, underrated actor, Richard Basehart.


Another one of my favorite voices is Paul Winfield's, who was such a great narrator on "City Confidential" on A&E. His voice had the right degree of sarcasm and irony to it to do the show. The person doing the show now is a bore. Of course, number one is Ronald Colman.


Someone also mentioned Herbert Marshall. I also think that Joel McCrea has a nice, soft-spoken, Western drawl that I like very much. He was very good narrating that rodeo film back in 1974, which won the Oscar for Best Documentary.


Take care.



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