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Favorite Voice (Who Isn't Ronald Colman)


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What? No Sam Elliot! Oh I loooooove that man's voice. It is ultra sexy. I do like James Earl Jones' voice. I remember he was the voice that said CNN-your watching CNN when lived overseas as a military wife he kept me company and reminded me of home. I like Rochester's voice and Jack Benny's but I loved Rochester.

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Aren't voices important?


Battling for the number one spot amongst the men would definitely be CLAUDE RAINS and RONALD COLMAN. Although now that I think about it, if CHARLES BOYER managed to get me on the phone, I would never hang up. Runners up: CARY GRANT, CLARK GABLE, ROBERT MITCHUM, GEORGE SANDERS, and HUMPHREY BOGART. Two voices I adore and listen to almost every night on my CDs are JACK BENNY and PHIL HARRIS.


As for the ladies, in order of preference: MARLENE DIETRICH, DORIS DAY (fabulous purring speaking voice), JEAN HARLOW, CLAUDETTE COLBERT, LAUREN BACALL, and AUDREY HEPBURN.

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My favorite voices:



Marlene Dietrich

Bette Davis

Katharine Hepburn

Rosalind Russell

Greta Garbo

Judy Holliday

Greer Garson

Judy Garland

Tallulah Bankhead



Gregory Peck

Frank Sinatra

James Stewart

Claude Rains

George Sanders

Spencer Tracy

Cary Grant

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Gotta agree with the already posted . . . Orson Welles and Claude Rains. It's certainly easy to see why they both came from radio. Also, anyone with a great Southern accent. I love southern accents. Y'all has to be the best word ever - and having been in the South a lot, I borrowed it from them. :-)

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I think you could add Stewart Granger, Gary Merrill, Glenn Ford and Fred MacMurray to the list. At least I would! But you're right by far Ronald Colman has the best. Yes, George Sanders is right up there. Not only does he have a great voice, he's one of the best movie Cads of all time! (He's nothing more than a perfumed parlor snake)

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I'm impressed with all of the names listed on this thread so far, but a little surprised that no one has mentioned one of my favorites - Bing Crosby. His speech often reflected his tone and texture he used to croon those old standards that made him one of the greatest singers of all time. Another that I haven't seen here is Chill Wills. Distinctive enough to make a mule of himself. Let's face it, sometimes the voice could be as big a star-maker as looks or that undefinable quality known as "it."

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I feel like such a rebel. You see, I don't believe Mr. Colman has the best voice. I think James Mason wears the vocal crown. Here are my top 10s:


Best Timbre:


James Mason

Michael York (I believe he actually borrowed Mr. Mason's vocal folds)

Jean Arthur

Sterling Holloway

James Earl Jones

Herbert Marshall

George Sanders

Alan Rickman

Suzanne Pleshette

Morgan Freeman

[Honorary Mention: Lauren Bacall, Claudette Colbert, Blythe Danner, Vin Diesel, Greer Garson, Holly Hunter]


Best Speech Pattern


Cary Grant

Sig Ruman

Charles Boyer

Lucille Watson

Billie Burke

Ronald Colman

Greta Garbo

Fernando Lamas

Alice Brady

Yul Brynner

[Honorary Mention: Irene Dunne, Verree Teasdale, Louis Jourdan]

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> Peter Coyote, absolutely.


> Also, Mason Adams (Charlie Hume in Lou Grant

> the teevee show and the voice of Smucker's and tons

> of other voiceovers) and Joseph Sirola...MR.

> Voiceover.


Great additions. I've always like to hear Peter Coyote and Mason Adams. I love distinctive voices. Voices that all you have to do is HEAR them and without looking, you know who it is.


Others on my list of great voices:

James Earl Jones

Morgan Freeman

Claude Rains

Walter Brennan

Richard Burton

Lucille LaVerne

Hattie McDaniels

James Shigeta

Strother Martin

Edgar Buchannan

Sean Connery

Brian Blessed

Derek Jacobi

Sidney Poitier

George Sanders

Alan Rickman


and many, many more.

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Roger Livesey. (that rasp makes my toes curl, in a pleasant way, of course)

Claude Rains. (ditto, it's that rasp).

Herbert Marshall. (you could read the phone book, & it wouldn't be a cliche)

Tyrone Power.(especially in "The Razor's Edge" when he recites Keats)

Dennis Farina.(more raspiness, from this side of the pond)

John Hannah. (A Scottish burr isn't a rasp, but it'll do)


I guess this is off point since this thread seems to be devoted to males, but I also love Blythe Danner's voice.

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Yes to Edward Herrmann, I just saw him and thought of here.


On Sam Eliot, I was also thinking of how many voices carry over into their owners being gorgeous, like Sam, and how many disappoint? I remember growing up, thinking how handsome Mason Adams must be because of his voice...and then I saw him on Lou Grant.


A distinctive voice I always liked in movies (Grant of course is my favorite for everything) was Ernest Truex. Another is Eugene Pallette. These of course were voices you could identify with your eyes closed...they would have been perfect for voiceovers. Ah, another was Robert Benchley, speaking of voiceovers.


Interesting topic.

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Well, I must confess, RONALD COLMAN is THE VOICE for my money!


However, close runners up are:















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All of those mentioned below, but my favorite is Bogart's. Is his the "best"? Probably not, but if I had to listen to any one voice for a long time it would be his. I find it soothing.


Favorite female voice: Barbara Stanwyck's. Greer Garson's and Irene Dunne's are nice too.


My favorite voices among actors still working almost all belong to British actors: Alan Rickman, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, and many others. I wish US acting schools paid as much attention to cultivating voices as British ones seem to.

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