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Harold Lloyd Movie


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I saw a movie over the summer that starred Harold Lloyd, but I don't remember the name so perhaps you guys could help me. It's a silent movie and Harold's character has just gotten in college or some school. He meets a girl that he likes very much and decides to join the football team to impress her. They don't let him join because of his size, but he helps in other ways. I remember one scene pretty well. He was going to a party and had a suit made for it. But the tailor couldn't finish the suit in time, so when Harold got to the party, it started to fall apart. Hopefully, this is enough information. Thanks.

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The movie you have reference to is one of the immortal masterpieces of all silent film comedy, THE FRESHMAN (1925). Arguably Harold Lloyd's finest film, and one of the most famous and successful comedy features of the entire decade of the 1920's. The girl is the stunningly beautiful Jobyna Ralston. Where did you see this picture? At a retrospective someplace, or on TCM? I don't think it has re-aired since this past April? If you interested in this picture (?) with the almost equally great GIRL SHY (1924), I have both of these titles together on one excellent DVD-R program!

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