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Looking for a Movie


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Hi! Can someone please help me. I am looking for a movie. It's about a man travelling through Europe to think about his marriage (not sure). He came across a lady in the post office and they become friends. He came to her villa by the sea to stay for awhile. They fall inlove. He left to meet his wife in a boat, but he left his wife and came back to the lady.


The lead actress might have been Greta Garbo. I checked her Filmography but to no avail.



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It also sounds a bit like September Affair from 1950, starring

Joseph Cotten and Joan Fontaine. It's available on YT and

is a fairly good movie in its own right.


Sounds more like Dodsworth to me.


BUT I found this one Wiki that ties the two movies together:


The primary music score was written by Victor Young.

September Song, music by Kurt Weill, lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, is heard, originally in the recording by Walter Huston. Later, Johnny Wilson (Jimmy Lydon), a sailor, sings it live. Huston’s recording had been made in 1938, but the film gave it a new lease of life and it made it to the top of the 1950 hit parade.[2]

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It could very well be Dodsworth. The mention of the post office

and the villa made me think of September Affair, both of which

play a role in that movie. There is the Walter Huston connection,

though it's a rather minor one.


I believe Dodsworth also has Astor and Huston meeting in Europe at a post office but I could be mistaken.  The OP states that the actress looked like Garbo;  Ok neither Fontaine or Chatterton look like Garbo but Ruth had short hair like Garbo.    


Yea,  that Huston connection to September Affair is very minor,  I just happened to stumble upon it while reading up on September Affair (a movie I haven't seen),  and I was surprised to see the lead actor from Dodsworth mentioned  (like,   hey,  did I Google the wrong movie???).

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Hi! Thank you all for all your help. It is Dodsworth I am looking for. I couldn't sleep for days trying to Google every name I could think of. It came to mind when I watched Septemer Affair over the weekend.

I am going to check if someone posted it on YT.


Love....love...love old movies. I thank my English teacher for introducing me to real movies. I watched Rebecca in high school and became a Hitchcock fan and classic movie fan...for life.


Again...thanks for all your help:)

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