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for a switch--annoying voices

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> i have just two people that come to mind when i think

> of annoying voices... cary grant and gracie

> allen.


Cary Grant??? Yikes! I can't find even one tiny thing in Cary Grant that was even remotely annoying. He might have been the most perfect male movie star ever. But, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion; that's what makes these threads so much fun.

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> Jennifer Jason Leigh in that Dorothy Parker bio pic.

> Flat,monotonous and emotionless.Yuk


Actually, she talked that way in "Mrs. Parker" because that's the way Mrs. Parker talked. There are recordings of Parker reading her poems, and Leigh's impersonation is dead on. Of course, that doesn't mean it's a voice and manner of speech I'd want to listen to for more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time.

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Betty Hutton's in-character voices were indeed annoying, and IMO so are the voice(s) of the following (i.e. just on voices, and not necessarily relating to their thespian talent):


- Albert Brooks


- Al Pacino from the mid-1980's forward


- Joe Pesci


- Madeleine Sherwood (CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF)


- Leslie Caron


- Ann Miller

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Funny, movielover11.


Other than burst all the bubbles of those pre-feminists of the late 1960's/early 1970's, including moi with the crap that was this show which we thought was so out there and daring, it also brought to light the abysmal acting and screechy Marlo Thomas voice and unrealistic sets and whitewashed environs and everything else that was light years from reality with 'That Girl', I'm not sure just WHAT was the idea in bringing back this drek. Oy.


Oh. Yes. Money.


I wonder. Are today's young ladies benighted enough to run out and buy this crap on DVD?


Dog. I hope not.


Again, it was glorious to see the exterior shots of New Yawk. Cobb's. I remember that store.



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> I wonder. Are today's young ladies benighted enough

> to run out and buy this crap on DVD?



I think most of today's young ladies will never have heard of it much less seen it. If they do it might be considered quaint in an antique sort of way.

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I find them fascinating, but if I didn't.....


Ned Sparks and Lionel Stander, both in innumerable ("Oh, yes, I think they could be counted" - so said Mel Brooks on the Cavett interview!) movies starting in the '30s; with Stander continuing right up through "Hart to Hart." If anybody's mentioned them already, it didn't turn up in my forum search.

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no mention of Una Merkel


Fred mentioned her (in another thread?) when we talked about accents, etc. He referred to her as from Kentucky, I think. She certainly had one of the most unusual voices, and there's no mistaking her even with no picture, but I mostly find it adorable. Of course, my being from the South myself may have influenced my feeling for her...... When I hear people talk about "exaggerated" (and I'm sure hers was as real as it gets), I think about how people routinely talk in a couple of towns not 15 miles away from our "big city" of 25,000; there ARE plenty who talk like that!

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