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The Young Stranger / planet of the apes / Airport


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watched the young stranger thursday afternoon which is immensely entertaining I think. rich hollywood studio exec james daly has his son hal driving around an old heap that he somehow managed to outbid wally cleaver for. :D
quite frankly it looks like gregory peck's old staff car from twelve o'clock high.
we get this shot of young hal tryin' to get his old heap goin' with his parent's palatial residence in the background with guests on a sundeck...
no doubt amused at the sight of their hostess' son trying to get his rod started. :lol:
a film that's always alotta fun. personally, I like it a lot more than blackboard jungle.
then after that planet of the apes...again. these days I only watch the beginning of the film with the crash and their subsequent trek inland.
after some forty odd years the novelty of heston dealing with intelligent civilized apes has worn off a bit for me.
as the spaceship somewhat augers in with the fancy camerawork, we also get to hear some retread sound effects borrowed from lost in space, then the ship hits the water...
they wake up, see that their lovely companion now looks like norman bates' mother, something gives and the ship starts sinkin'.
taylor orders dodge to send out an sos to earth just for the helluva it. also tells dodge to blow the escape hatch before the power goes after which it does. then it's "forget it! abandon ship!" from heston.
taylor then starts waxing negative which will last only up until he meets the monkeys. you know the rest.
also tried to watch airport later on in the evening. was enjoying it too but the picture started getting' glitchy probably due to the weather.
the picture kept getting glitchier until it became unwatchable...
so I turned it off.




Danno tell off Dr. Lochner.


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