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The Duchess of Buffalo

Guest dredagain

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watched this Constance Talmadge silent comedy from 1926 and was charmed again by the lovely star. She was surely one of the top comedy actresses of silent films. The film had fascniating set designs (takes place in Russia) and some good performances from Tullio Carminati, Edward Martindel, Rose Dione, and Chester Conklin. Nice little film.


Trivia Note: Constance Talmadge was the ONLY major silent star still living when sound hit who did not attempt talkies!!!

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Good question. I've seen Constance Talmadge in Duchess of Buffalo, Intolerance (she is marvelous), and The Primitive Lover. I've seen Norma in DuBarry (a talkie), and two short features from the teens: The Forbidden City and Social Secretary. That's it! It may not be a case of collectors hoarding copies but rather the films of the Talmadge sisters are lost. I own all these copies.


My pet peeve is that an historically importrant film like Gloria Swanson's The Trespasser (1929), her smash hit talkie debut) is owned by the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. Apparently they have a vague plan for releasing it to DVD but they won't offer any details. They trot it out for special showings in Rochester and that's it.


The recent discovery of the lost film, Byond the Rocks (1922), starring Swanson and Rudolph Valentino, is scheduled for DVD in early 2006. I still have hopes that a copy of Collen Moore's 1923 smash, Flaming Youth, will be found. Only remnants are known to exist.


Even the films of major stars are lost. Only a handful of major silent stars have most of their work still existant.

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I would like to see any films with Marie Doro and Eddie Polo. I heard hardly anything of theirs exist anymore. I would like more Mary Miles Minter and Olive Thomas films. I know a few more titles of theirs exist, but not in complete form. I don't care. I'd watch them anyway. I'm a huge MMM fan.

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