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Share your favorite love scene

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Hi all,


My favorite love scene is from ALGIERS with Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamarr. The melancholy music sets the mood for this touching love scene.


Gaby sneaks off to visit with Pepe at his apartments in the Casbah. They exchange remembrances of Paris in the spring time and their favorite places to visit. All the more touching as he knows he can never leave the Casbah alive to be with her in Paris. Gaby departs promising to return the next day but before she leaves is informed that Pepe was killed while trying to escape the Casbah.

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I do not recall de details but it's a scene between Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea, on the stairs in front of the building in which Arthur lives, in "The More the Merrier". Those two were a sexy couple and had lots of chemistry!

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One of the funniest love scenes I've seen is between John Lund and Jean Arthur in "A Foreign Affair." He's trying to kiss her in a filing room and she keeps opening the drawers between them and quoting "The Ride of Paul Revere." He finally catches her in the corner. Then later, they reverse this, with him trying to escape and spouting poetry.


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My two all-time favorite love scenes with my favorite actress, Jean Arthur. The in-front of the apartment scene in "The More the Merrier" sends chills up and down my spine whenever I see it...also from the same movie...the part when from their perspective beds, Joel proposes to Jean and she accepts...very touching. Thought came to my mind: also when they are saying goodbye, right after they had been married.


In a "A Foreign Affair" I love the file room scene, I am abt to use "The Ride of Paul Revere" on one of my dates next time. LOL It was a nice twist to have her do the chasing at the end of the film.

~I definitely reccommend those who have not seen these two films to go and rent them!


"History is Made at Night" with Jean and Charles Boyer- dancing the waltz, her with her shoes off.


Claudette Colbert in "Arise my love"....


I would also like to post that I love the chemistry and love scenes in "The Thin Man series" though not necessarily romantic in a sense- humor is always a good start to a romance!


That is some of my favs!


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Favorite love scene - the declaration of love between Hester Prynne (Lillian Gish) and Reverend Dimmesdale (Lars Hanson) in Victor Sj?str?m's The Scarlet Letter (1926 silent classic). I am sooo glad I have this on disc now so that I can watch it over and over again. A pure masterpiece.

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I too absolutely love that scene in "The More the Merrier." It's so sweet. The first time I watched that film, which was quite recently, I just fell in love with it. Jean Arthur is simply my favorite classic actress. Anyway, that love scene is definitely one of my favorites.


Another one I love is the scene in "Now, Voyager" with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid. When they're on the balcany thing...*sigh*...so sweet. Such a good movie.


I've been pondering and pondering and just can't seem to think of another scene I love, when I just know I have more...grrr...*thinks hard*...

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Quick note: My computer's been acting up, so if this gets posted more than once I apologize!!!


I love the scene in "The Merry Widow" with Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald, when they are in the "private dining room" in the Parisian dance hall. The whole scene from begininning to the great Merry Widow Waltz is wonderful, but the one moment that stuck with me was the very simple moment when Maurice puts Jeanette's shoe back on and she closes her eyes...whoa.


Any of the love scenes in "Tarzan the Ape Man" and "Tarzan and His Mate" are one my fave list as well.

Also, I love the fireworks scene in "To Catch a Thief," and the classic scene in "Ecstasy" with Hedy Lamarr, when she goes to the land surveyors home and...if you've seen this film you know what I'm talking about!

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Sukey Tawdry:


Thanks for finding this one. Several have already mentioned "The More The Merrier" which is one of my favorites. Oddly enough another comes to mind involves Joel McCrea. This time with Claudette Colbert in "Palm Beach Story" where she needs help unbuttoning her dress. As he undoes the clasp on the back he reaches down and kisses her between the shoulders. She seems genuinely surprised. It happens twice in the movie. One develops into a lovely kiss. I may be mixing them but they're very nice.



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> The "Night and Day" number from The Gay

> Divorce?


> This was the first time I really recognized the

> intense chemistry that Astaire and Rogers had with

> one another...beautiful.


All these are terrific, but I'm in special agreement with garsonfan. Also love the dialogue scene just before "Never Gonna Dance" in Swing Time.


Lucky: Well... good luck, and all that.


Penny: And all what?


Lucky: Whatever you want.



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Notorious ~ After the wine cellar scene, outside in the garden.


It's a Wonderful Life ~ The famous "telephone scene". I love the fact that her mother is highly offended by the whole thing!


Witness ~ a more modern movie and not actually a love scene, but a flirting scene. In the barn, when Harrison Ford is trying to start the car and the radio is playing "Wonderful World"

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I'm gonna go with a conry one here for the sake of variety... Roger and Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Just because it captures the spirit of the 40's with state-of-the-art hand-drawn animation... and we'll probably never see anything like it again.

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Vincent Minelli's "The Sandpiper".

At the very close, Edward (Richard Burton, never more haunted) parks his packed station wagon on a PCH pull-off overlooking the driftwood festooned cove where Laura (Liz Taylor, never more lovely) strolls along beachcombing & daydreaming, the Ultimate Beat Generation Artist/Free Spirit.

Edward stands there, gazing down at her from the pavement's edge, breeze ruffled, trembling from the chaos roiling inside. He's sacrificed everything to pursue his turbulent, passionate love for her, his ministry, his academy post, his marriage, his home, most of his sense of moral integrity, his entire reputation in the community, perhaps some of his sanity, even.

There eyes meet, brimming with love and the recognition of a potential life together.

And within a half-dozen heartbeats, Edward realizes that the battle he's survived to claim this wild, Bohemian woman has left him so shattered he lacks the clean measure of strength & self-respect he needs to claim her.

And it all shows in his eyes, the agonized yearning & the echoing spiritual failure.

And then the recognition of it all comes tumbling out of Laura's stunned, sunwashed face, her eyes widening as she already starts to grieve, looking up to him silently from that cruel, beautiful beach.

The gentle, wrenching chords of "Shadow of Your Smile" swells slowly as the camera pans up & away to follow Edward's departing car, as he leaves forever his one great chance for happiness back there amidst the poignant beauty of the Big Sur coastline.

I've heard many folks opine that Dick & Liz brought that extra "juice" to these roles by simply drawing from the passions & catharsis of their own marriage, but I disagree. I've always felt they made Edward & Laura come alive by total immersion into the unique character of their individual roles, and emoting the souls thereof through the very eyes of these two "deserving but doomed" lovers.

Anyways, there's my selection.

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-Madeline "returns from the dead" in Vertigo (naturally)

-the phone scene between Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in It's A Wonderful Life

-the entire courting sequence, up until John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara are embracing, and kissing in the rain, in The Quiet Man

-the slow motion kiss, in Rear Window

-the flashback, in Casablanca

-Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett seducing one another in The Aviator (brilliantly directed by Scorsese)

-the fireworks/seduction scene between Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief

-the "In The Jungle" scene in Ace Venture, Pet Detective (I couldn't resist!)

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How about in Now, Voyager, when Paul Henreid's daughter asks him "do you really like me, daddy?" He hugs her and looks up to the top of the staircase where Bette Davis is standing and says (to Bette) "I loooove you"!!


Also when Robert Taylor takes the divine Garbo in his arms in the final scene of Camille and tells her how happy they're going to be when she gets well and they can go back to the country...


Monty Clift and Elizabeth Taylor when they sneak onto the balcony to profess their love and kiss in A Place In The Sun.


When John Gavin calls Susan Hayward from the hospital to tell her he loves her in Back Street.

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