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"Jungle Woman" (1944)


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I'm tempted to ask for my hour back!




A review of the credits shown for Acquanetta on IMDb indicates that I have previously seen two of her movies: Dead Man's Eyes and Tarzan and the Leopard Woman. However, neither of those appearances have caused me to consider myself an Acquanetta fan. As a matter of fact, I doubt if I realized that it was even the same actress in both of those movies. But I watched Jungle Woman tonight anyway. I'll usually give an old horror movie at least one chance.


As Svengoolie indicated prior to the start of Jungle Woman, a good deal of footage from Captive Wild Woman was reused in this one. And I quickly got the impression that both movies revolved around a love triangle with the Paula Dupree character as the odd girl out. So the fact that I missed last month's airing of its predecessor does not appear to have been a hindrance in watching the sequel.


Obviously, these movies are just another variation on the lycanthropy theme that has worked for Universal (and others) in the past. However, instead of a human becoming an animal as in The Wolf Man and The Cat People, we have an animal becoming a human as in Island of Lost Souls. But this time we get an ape woman instead of a panther woman.


But, sad to say, this was a fairly poor variation on that theme. And, although we got to see a number of very familiar actors in this movie (Evelyn Ankers, Milburn Stone, J. Carrol Naish, Samuel S. Hinds and Douglass Dumbrille), they have all done better elsewhere. Way better elsewhere. It was almost like everyone was doing just enough to get paid.


But, even sadder to say, if I get an opportunity to watch Captive Wild Woman or The Jungle Captive in the future, I probably will even after seeing this one. Like I said, I'll usually give an old horror movie at least one chance.


And, now, for those questions still unanswered:


How did Evelyn Ankers warrant first billing on this? I think she appeared more in reused footage than in new footage.


Am I the only one that finds it odd that Milburn Stone looked young? And appeared taller? All those years of standing next to James Arness would make anyone look short.


Was Edward Hyans really attempting to channel Lon Chaney Jr. as Lennie Small in Of Mice and Men?


And, finally, was this series of movies the inspiration for the fictional movies Serial Ape-ist and Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill from The Big Bang Theory? The fictional trailer for that latter fictional movie can be found at the following link:


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Good write-up, Liam. You have to love all those wonderful character actors in the cast--can't go too wrong with most of them. But a film like this does make one appreciate the Lewton horror films at RKO a bit more, especially something like CAT PEOPLE.

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