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Since we're on a new page, I thought I'd re-post the two that haven't been id'd, with some clues:

3. her debut was in a well-known silent film when she was a teen, then years in smaller parts in MGM 'A' films (although she got better billing in some of their B flicks)..then she popped up on films and television through 1970, including a half dozen films with her good friend, Lana Turner.

Virginia Grey.

10. Like the lady in 3,  she also started getting notice with small parts at MGM, but got leading lady billing in some of their B films and at smaller studios like Mascot.  She also got good billing at Paramount, where she was cast as Bing Crosby's love interest in 3 films.

The Last of the WAMPAS Baby Stars â A Look Back To Glamorous Beauty of Mary Carlisle in the 1930s ~ vintage everyday

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20 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

3. Looks like Virginia Grey to me


20 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

10. Mary Carlisle 

right on both! and these two are toughies...Grey has nearly 150 credits, but so many were supporting roles she's not so well known today.  Carlisle probably could've continued getting top billing in B's, but she left the business in the early 40's.

lavenderblue, with 7, wins the beach drink with a little umbrella award:  dead44b2b846aa6d1cb026bf3f2b7479.jpg

That wraps up this round of beachy pics...thanks for playing!


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 These guys are seen in hundreds of films on TCM.  We've posted some of them previously, but a refresher may be in order.  Remember, we always have newbies browsing the TCM message boards.  This may be new for them.

There is no common theme except that they are all prolific character actors.

1.  Related image 

2.  image.jpeg.7e8fd7134cd05879e6a41840df9de821.jpeg 

3.  Image result for joseph calleia actor 

4.  image.jpeg.36f781b69b985dd20e3140f8b39f507c.jpeg 

5.  Image result for jerome cowan actor 

6.  Image result for harry davenport actor 

7.  Image result for charles hALTON actor 

8.  Image result for byron foulger actor 

9.  Image result for tom kennedy actor 

10.  Related image 

11.  Image result for donald mcbride actor 

12.  Image result for alan mowbray actor 

13.  Image result for melville cooper actor 

14.  Image result for nat pendleton actor 

15.  Related image 

16.  image.jpeg.a5fed8f1f7cc9e2c77b1edc0000f5a5a.jpeg 

17.  Related image 

18.   Image result for porter hall actor 

19.  Image result for john qualen actor 

20.  image.jpeg.2cc06e16bbd633224a349d6fb2836341.jpeg 


How many do you know? 



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Well, I've got more beach pics! (no groans, please...)  most aren't too difficult; 2 or more, name all

1. 066b2b2ab857edbf76627a6d878b9134.jpg

2. 7432acdb83513efca22428b8b1736391.jpg

3. A young Myrna Loy. Love this sleeveless shirt dress look.

4. 46c5f83b129d613ecd886225fd8c2231.jpg

5. 40 Vintage Photos of Celebrities at the Beach

6. 69e3e59d4132fc823de85115800cf606.jpg

7. Jayne Mansfield, husband and bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay and their daughter Mariska Hargitay (SVU)

8. Olivia de Havilland

9. With June Preisser and Judy Garland at a costume party in Hollywood, 1941. the two girls

10. actress Margaret Lockwood on Doxie seat/float

11. Looks de belleza para la playa inspirados en iconos retro: Anita Louise en 1935

12. 91f97cb125dd24a9b05b15101b6b5a2e.jpg

13. Silent film stars Charles Farrell and Johnny Mack Brown and dog, 1920s

14. Jayne Meadows and Mamie Van Doren drink Pepsi, 1950s.

15. Johnny Weissmuller And The Actress Maureen O'Sullivan  with a Santa Monica Lifeguard board on Santa Monica Beach - ca 1930 - Getty Images 106752295

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9 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

15) Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan

14) Anita Louise and Olivia de Havilland

9) Sonja Henie ?, Jerry Colonna and Judy Garland

7) Mickey Hargitay Jayne Mansfield & Mariska

3) Myrna Loy

1) Susan Hayward

All correct! except 9--I realize it's not a good pic of the girl on the left, but it's not Sonja:  hint: this young actress was a co-star of Judy's.  I only asked for the two girls, but it does look like Jerry Colonna, doesn't it?  I couldn't find any verification, but I think you're right.


47 minutes ago, Peebs said:

2.  Kirk Douglas

6. Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn

8.  Ann Rutherford

2. is Kirk Douglas...but who's hair is he braiding?

6. Correct!

8. Nope...this actress is a leading lady/Oscar winner

15 minutes ago, lavenderblue19 said:

5. Ginger Rogers ?

5.  I thought the sunglasses might throw some people off, but it's Ginger behind the shades!

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45 minutes ago, Peebs said:

2.  Kirk Douglas is braiding Brigitte Bardot's hair?

5. She looks so familiar!  An older Olivia De Havilland ?


2. Yes, it's Kirk acting as a young Bardot's stylist...strange, eh?

5.  was answered by lavenderblue..it's Ginger Rogers (I think you mean 8?)

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59 minutes ago, shutoo said:

2. Yes, it's Kirk acting as a young Bardot's stylist...strange, eh?

5.  was answered by lavenderblue..it's Ginger Rogers (I think you mean 8?)

Oops, yes #8.   Olivia De Havilland.  Yep!

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