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14 minutes ago, scsu1975 said:

#13: Johnny Mack Brown and Charles Farrell. Not sure about the dog, though. 

#4: I believe that is Ramon Novarro.

#3: Myrna Loy?

what? you don't recognize the dog? hehe...actually you got the two I thought would be the toughest...I wasn't sure anyone would guess silent star Ramon Novarro; and since I'm not a western fan, I wouldn't have known Johnny Mack Brown if I hadn't checked the name at the source.

3. is Loy, but it was id'd by Princess of tap above.


I think that leaves: 9 (the blonde on the left); 10, 11, 12...big hint: I never said I wouldn't use different pics of the same person...

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14 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

9.Marie Wilson ?- she's was in the My Friend Irma movies and tv show. She is sometimes confused with actress June Presser, according to what I've read

9.  Well...you got it right without knowing it😊  It looks so much like June Preisser...because it is!  Remember, the clue was she was Judy's co-star (in two films).

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2 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

I think #11 is Anita Louise again.

#12 looks like Betty Grable.


11.  Yes...Anita Louise and Olivia deHavilland both show up twice

12.  Correct!  I think Grable never took off her heels...even in the sand

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Only number 10 is left...here's the pic again, and yes, I doubt she's actually on a beach, but it's supposed to look like it.  She only did a few films in Hollywood, but was a top box office star in England.  actress Margaret Lockwood on Doxie seat/float

here she is, actually in the surf


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18 minutes ago, MilesArcher said:

Could it be Dawn Addams? 


Nope...time to wrap up 'beaches, part 2'...the lady is Margaret Lockwood


Looks like Princess of Tap, with 5, is the winner of a day at the beach with a good book       Image result for beach cartoon small                              

I'll leave it open to scsu or MilesArcher for the next posts.

Thanks everyone for playing!

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This will be a bit different.  How well do you know Fred Astaire movies?  From the co-stars, costumes, and scenery, can you name the movies that these photos are from?

1.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


2.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


3.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


4.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


5.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


6.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


7.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


8.   Image result for fred astaire movies 


9.  Image result for fred astaire movies 


10.   Image result for fred astaire movies 





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1 hour ago, MilesArcher said:

Very good everyone, but #4 is not from "Flying Down To Rio".  In this photo, Fred And Ginger are at a county club dance. 

Image result for fred astaire movies 

Here's another one from the same movie.

Related image 

Music was by Irving Berlin.

Anyone care to make another guess? 

I don't think it's fair for me to compete in this one.

But if it really has people stumped I'll go ahead and answer it.

This is from the penultimate Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers RKO movie called "Carefree". And in this particular number they're doing

"The Yam".


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Yes, #4 is from "Carefree".  Thanks to all who answered.  We need some help in the "Retro Trivia" thread, so if you would all kindly do your best Fred Astaire impersonation and dance right over there, maybe we could get that thread moving again.

In this one, the first six photos were with Ginger Rogers.

#1 Swing Time - This is the scene where Fred pretends not to know how to dance, so that Ginger can teach him.  They sing and dance to "Pick Yourself Up".

#2 Follow The Fleet - This is the "Let's Face The Music And Dance" number. 

#3 Top Hat - Ginger is wearing the famous feathered gown for the "Dancing Cheek To Cheek" number.

#4  Carefree - As Princess noted, they are dancing to "The Yam".

#5 The Gay Divorcee - Fred had been in "The Gay Divorce" on Broadway with music by Cole Porter.  The only Porter tune that was kept in the movie version was "Night And Day", which they are dancing to in this photo. 

#6 Shall We Dance - The title song is the final dance in the movie with a whole lot of chorus girls holding Ginger masks in front of their faces until Fred pulls them all away and finds the real Ginger.


Lavender doesn't post photos, so SummerStars, you get to go next. 

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No one has posted lately, so I'll jump in.

Here are cast photos from some well known films.  In each case, can you identify all of the people pictured as well as the name of the movie?

1.  Image result for the big broadcast of 1938  movie cast 


2.  Image result for stagecoach 1939 movie cast 

3.  Image result for she wore a yellow ribbon movie cast 

4.  Related image 


5.  image.jpeg.5e20f335ec095d6368783b13e9908f33.jpeg 


6.  Image result for guys and dolls movie cast 


7.  Related image 


8.  Image result for born to dance 1936 movie cast 


9.  Image result for the petrified forest movie cast 

10.  Image result for show boat 1936  movie cast  

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I'll start with a few

2. Stagecoach

Claire Trevor

John Wayne

Andy Devine

John Carradine

Louise Platt

Thomas Mitchell

Berton Churchill

Donald Meeks

George Bancroft

4. 42nd Street

Una Merkel

Ginger Rogers

Ruby Keeler

5. Ziegfeld Girls

Hedy Lamarr

Judy Garland

Lana Turner

6. Guys and Dolls

Marlon Brando

Jean Simmons

Frank Sinatra

Vivien Blaine

9. The Petrified Forest

Leslie Howard

Bette Davis


Dick Foran


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All terrific so far, although the fellow in the middle in "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" is not Wayne Morris.  This guy later won an Oscar for a Peter Bogdanovich film.

What about #1 and #10?  #10 was just shown on TCM within the last week.

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