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Help Requested to Identify Movie


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Hi Everyone,


I am a new member here and would very much appreciate your help in identifying a movie.


This movie is1930s to early 1940s, black and white, and the plot is about some guy (British, I think) who goes to work in some remote area of the world.  Might be in a jungle setting.  In any case, he is met by the boss on his first day at arriving in the camp and this boss asks something like if he (the new arrival) thinks he can do the job.  He replies to the boss with something like, "I think I can adjust to it."  To which the boss angrily replies, "Don't EVER say that you can adjust to it!  Nobody ever adjusts to it."  The worker then goes about his work in the jungle and I think that there is some temptress in the movie (also going about the jungle).  At the end, the man has gained a great deal of work experience and he then interviews a new worker and asks him if he thinks he can do the job.  The novice worker says something about trying to adjust to it and this now experienced man who has risen to the ranks of boss yells, "Don't ever say uh'll adjust to it!  Nobody ever adjusts to it!!!"


Thanks for any help with this.



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