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The Big Upgrade revisited


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It's been almost a year since The Big Upgrade -- when TCM.com was shut down for several days so that an improved system could be installed. I'm sure many of you forum users will never forget the anxiety you went through before, during and after the system was refurbished. 

So what is your evaluation of the new system after a year? As for me, I love the ability to edit posts and headlines at any time. The old system would only allow edits for three days or so and then lock up. 
But I'm still bewildered by some of the words that are bowdlerized by the word filter. At first, I had trouble referring to the common first name shared by the famous actors O'Toole and Sellers. But the name now sails through without asterisks. I've noticed, however, that it's still tricky to refer to the 2000 film biography in which Ed Harris starred as a famous abstract artist (Marcia Gay Harden won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for portraying the artist's wife).
Almost a year later, I must confess that I haven't explored some of the features of the upgraded system. Maybe I'll get around to it someday.
Any thoughts?
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I still find it "interesting" that when one opens a thread they must first scroll down to see the original post and/or the first unread post and then scroll back up to read each one posted after it.


(...and yeah, Mr. Otto Sensor is SUCH the tighta$$, isn't he?!) ;)

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Thanks for starting this thread, and i enoyed reading your OP (I didn't realize that the old system only allowed edits for 3 days and I also didn't realize that the new one had a problem with the title of that Ed Harris film; that last factoid being particularly humorous.)


I'm still trying to figure out why the sensor has such a problem with the word "l a d e n"- which is one that I use quite a bit.


I like the avatars and I very, very much like the fact that we now (allegedly) have multiple moderators instead of one with Godlike powers who can make whatever thread (or poster) he chooses disappear and not have to explain his actions (the motivations for which were often dubious at best.)


That alone was the single biggest problem with the old board and the single greatest improvement with the new one.


(The new crew is also a lot more polite, tolerant and diligent in their interactions with us.)


But I have to say that i absolutely despise the new quoting system, which makes it impossible to directly reply to another poster without quoting the entirety of their post (which is often difficult and or confusing to edit down and in the process of doing so, its too easy to remove the quotes so that the post you are quoting looks like something that you wrote and often you end up replying to the wrong person. confusion confusion confusion.)


It's hard for me to believe that this change was made with anything in mind other than limiting interaction and conversation between us (that "chumminess" we posters share really seemed to stick in the collected craws of a few who liked to think they ruled the roost in the old days.)


as a result, it really hasn't limited the fracasasses that blow up around here from time to time and has made it harder for us to have a flow in conversations with one another. (not that we don't still manage to do so.)


I also don't really see the need for the innumerable sub-forums which don't seem to get anywhere near as much traffic as general discussions does.


but again, the improvement with the moderator situation and the lack of disappearing threads, as well as the new found tolerance and freedom in what we're allowed to say here (making suggestions for what TCM can do better in no way translates to " I hate TCM and hope it goes off the air": I'm SO glad someone seems to finally get that) quite frankly outweighs the more clunky and Baroque and needlessly ornate bells and whistles of the new system


PS it's so nice to be able to use bold and italics again.

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Psychopathia sexulalis


I'm in love with a horse that comes from Dallas


Poor brain!  The size of a pea


She looked so nice sitting there against the rail


With her pretty long legs and her pony tail....


Hey, if Lenny Bruce can make it through the nanny, that's gotta be progress of sorts!


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