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Breaking Through The Clouds/PBS


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A local PBS station showed this program last night.


BREAKING THROUGH THE CLOUDS was about the first all woman national air derby in 1929.


It was pretty interesting, especially the old footage, but I kept wondering---


Didn't KAY FRANCIS make a movie about this?


Or, was the movie I'm thinking about just have the AIR RACE as a backdrop to the story?




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Actress Susan Oliver, a fixture of 1960s TV.





In 1970 Susan won the Powder Puff Derby (descendant of the 1929 race) and was the fourth woman to fly a single-engine aircraft solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 





A couple of years ago a documentary about Susan Oliver was produced, entitled The Green Girl (a reference to her role in the original Star Trek pilot -- see first photo). It's very much worth seeing, not only for Oliver's story but for the mind-boggling collection of clips in the first half. She must have guested on every TV show of the '60s.

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Yep, the movie was titled "Women in the Wind", Sepia.


(...and word is Kay said she weally enjoyed making that one) 






WHAT?! Hey now, don't shoot the messenger here, lady! 


I was just reporting what I had heard through the ol' Hollywood gwape..err..GRAPEvine here, ya know!!! LOL




(...actually Hibi, I watched "Women in the Wind" a while back when TCM presented it, and even though I kid Kay, she was of course as usual very good in that movie which I found very entertaining)

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