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The Clock (1945)

David Von Pein

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Classic--Movies.blogspot.com / The Clock (1945)


"A tender and refreshingly simple romantic drama has been woven around a soldier on a forty-eight-hour furlough in Manhattan and his chance meeting with a lonely girl, in the new Metro film, 'The Clock'. .... The atmosphere of the big town has seldom been conveyed more realistically upon the screen than in this picture. .... Director Vincente Minnelli has recorded the pulse beats of Manhattan...with electrifying effect. The sound track of this film is a composition in itself, not just a mechanical device. .... 'The Clock' is the kind of picture that leaves one with a warm feeling toward his fellow man, especially toward the young folks who today are trying to crowd a lifetime of happiness into a few fleeting hours."


-- The New York Times; May 4, 1945









tcm.com / The Clock

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This is a truly charming film-- in my opinion one of the better Garland-Minnelli collaborations.


It would be fun if TCM had a double feature one evening, airing the THE CLOCK and THE BIG CLOCK back to back. Wouldn't it? Of course, they're two completely different stories.

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Keenyn Winn had a nice little gig, the diner scene. Walker was a nice guy in this one but he knew how to play it creepy elsewhere. There was a cute scene in The Clock when the two were having a serious tete-a-tete in a cafeteria. An oldster was munching at a nearby table his eyes going from one to the other taking it all in.

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I love this movie.  It is one of the few films that Judy Garland doesn't sing.  It's such a sweet, entertaining story, that by the time the film ends, it dawns on you that Judy never sang a song.  I think this film showed that Garland had true acting chops and wasn't just someone that was good at singing a catchy tune.  I'm always a sucker for sweet romantic stories and this film does not disappoint.  I'm so glad that Warner Brothers made it available through the Warner Archives store, now I can watch this great movie any time I want.

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I love this movie.  It is one of the few films that Judy Garland doesn't sing.  

Yes, it proved that she could handle more dramatic material. What a versatile actress she was, who should have been given more opportunities by MGM to go outside the proverbial box.

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