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Silent Sundays-April 2015

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Sun., 4-5

annual Easter showing of....


12:00 am ET
157 min

In this silent film, Cecil B. DeMille directs an epic retelling of the life of Christ.

DirCecil B. De Mille CastH. B. Warner , Dorothy Cumming , Ernest Torrence .


D: Cecil B. DeMille. H. B. Warner, Ernest Torrence, Jacqueline Logan, Joseph Schildkraut, Victor Varconi, Robert Edeson, William Boyd.

"Lavish silent film holds up rather well, benefits from DeMille's superb storytelling skills and reverence for the subject. The Resurrection sequence is in two-color Technicolor. Some prints run 115m."

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Sun., 4-12


12:00 AM Young Rajah, The (1922)  

In this silent film, an All-American boy learns that he is really an Indian ruler and must desert his sweetheart to reclaim his throne.

DirPhilip Rosen CastRodolph Valentino , Wanda Hawley , Pat Moore .

BW-54 mins,

1:00 AM Son of the Sheik, The (1926)  

In this silent film, an Arabian knight protects a dancing girl from desert outlaws.

DirGeorge Fitzmaurice CastRudolph Valentino , Vilma Banky , George Fawcett .

BW-69 mins,


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late Sun., 4-19


12:00 am ET
198 min
Intolerance (1916)

In this silent film, four stories from different eras intertwine to depict man's inhumanity to man.

DirD. W. Griffith CastLillian Gish , Lillian Langdon , Olga Grey .


D: D. W. Griffith. Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Mae Marsh, Constance Talmadge, Bessie Love, Seena Owen, Alfred Paget, Eugene Pallette, many others.

"Landmark American epic interweaves four stories of prejudice and inhumanity, from the Babylonian era to the modern day. Melodramatic, to be sure, but gains in momentum and power as it moves toward its stunning climax. That's Lillian Gish as the mother rocking the cradle; Constance Talmadge gives a most appealing and contemporary performance as the sprightly Mountain Girl. Shown in a variety of prints with variant running times--as long as 208m."

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While I still enjoyed the airing of "Intolerance" on April 20th Silent Sunday, I was somwhat disappointed with the version TCM chose to air. The Kino version that was shown is not as complete as The Killiam Shows Version or the beautiful Thames Silents version. Also that

synthetic orchestral score by Joseph Turrin is in my opinion very underwhelming and does not do the film justice.

Like I said, I enjoyed it but would have enjoyed either of the other versions (preferably Killiam Shows) much more.


Thankyou for continuing to air these gems.


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Sun., 4-26

(times ET)


12:00 AM
75 min

In this silent film, a revolutionary is ordered to kill his romantic rival.

DirWallace Worsley CastLeatrice Joy , John Bowers , Lon Chaney .


D: Wallace Worsley. Lon Chaney, Leatrice Joy, John Bowers, Hardee Kirkland, Raymond Hatton, Edwin Wallock.

"An anarchist suffers professional and personal crises when he discovers his bomb will slay innocent bystanders dining next to his target... who just happens to be "the other man" in a current love affair. Good mid-career Chaney vehicle, a relic of the early Red Scare era, relies more on characterization than on makeup effects."


1:30 AM
18 min

In this silent short, a farmer masquerades as a scarecrow to eliminate a romantic rival.

D: Edward Cline, Buster Keaton


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