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Nice to meet a fellow Garbo maniac. When you fall for her, you fall for her hard and you must have her. Thank God she existed when she did, becuase she would never be able to exist today and there's no actress you could even compare her to. A lot of people say you can compare her to Dietrich, but I disagree. What amazes me is that she became this godess of film at such a young age. I mean at the top of Garbo-mania, she was only 27. I find myself at times acting out her scenes and talking like her and make her facial expressions. Warner Bros, please bring us Greta Garbo V2, so we can have her whole catalog.

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I don't wish to be presumptuous, but I think an insight into The Divine One's personality is reflected in this excerpt from a 1958 letter to Mercedes deAcosta: ?If you would stop finding everything out, I would like it more. I close up like a clam to all people who always find everything out. Take what is offered for the moment and that is yours.? I read that in a collection of her letters to deAcosta that is in the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia. The collection of writings was sold to the Museum for $5,000.00 by deAcosta with instructions that they were to be sealed until April 15, 2000. I went last year to the Rosenbach for a retrospective of Garbo's Hollywood portraits in honor of her 100th birthday and upon viewing them, one certainly cannot deny her beauty. An aside: I attended a cooking class in "New Swedish Cuisine" at the American Swedish Museum, also in Philadelphia, with a friend of mine who wanted to show me that there was more to their cooking than herring and ligonberries. The women were all very tall, blond, practically dressed with an almost frosty demeanor, sort of like those photos of GG in the '40's and 50's. However, after a while they proved to be warm and welcoming and quite happy to be teaching this Irish lass a thing or too about glogg! So, as she said one must take what is offered and not look for anything more, on her terms - a very Scandanavian trait.

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