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Percy Sledge (1940-2015)


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Percy Sledge, whose 1966 hit song "When a Man Loves a Woman" became a classic, has died at the age of 74.




The song, which has been covered by numerous artists, inspired the title of a 1994 film starring Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan. One of the romantic drama's co-authors was Al Franken, currently the junior U.S. senator from Minnesota.


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You know, he never got royalties for "When A Man Loves A Woman", which is a shame.  No one else had a wail like he did, and I was definitely saddened by this news.  He always came across as really likable and humble, and was always happy to just be doing his thing in making great music.  I think that he should have gotten more attention than he did, though.




What makes me even sadder is that this thread is not getting more attention.  I posted a thread about Andrae Crouch a couple of months backs, and I think I was the only one who posted on it.  It's still on here somewhere.  Thanks for posting this up here, Jakeem, as always.  

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Very sad, he certainly was a great talent.

Glad it has been reported he was part of the Muscle Shoals scene. I just got back from visiting there and it's truly magical for a music lover.

The popular music of today certainly does not compare nor inspire and I predict, not endure.

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The other day in another forum, I posted this condolence:


I always liked that NAME.  SLEDGE!  What a great name.  And fitting somehow....


I mean, didn't his soulful voice HIT you like a "sledge"?


One of the greats, for sure!




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If When A Man Loves A Woman came out in 1966, I was 14 at the time,  In my opinion, to this day, no one has ever - or will ever - be able to wail like Percy does on this song.  And to think, that back-in-the-day, songs that were less than 3 minutes in duration were capable of having such profound effects on listeners. I'll cherish those days, always.


It is definately a shame that Percy didn't receive the monetary compensation that he so rightly deserved (especially when compared to a lot of recent artists) - but.....if he had any inkling of the prue joy that people heard when he sang that song, then I believe that he had to know that he was rich in a way that others could only dream of (or have any concept of).


Right now, 'hearing' his voice on that song....has my eyes watering.....


R.I.P. Percy Sledge


May your voice be heard forever.....

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