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EAS Participant-weekly test???


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What is an EAS Participant and why do they keep screwing up my late night DVD recordings?  Assume it is some kind of "emergency broadcast sytem" check.

On April 7 I recorded His KInd of Woman to DVD, start time 3:15 AM.  At 4:38AM, it stops and the screen changes to some home shopping channel (channel 3) for about a minute.  They run a streamer that "An EAS Participant has issued a Required Weekly Test."  Then it changes back to TCM, but my screen settings have been changed.

This is about the fourth time I have had a TCM recording ruined, not to mention wasting a DVD-R.

Of course, I could just view it as a "commercial," but purpose of recording from TCM was to get a good, uninterrupted copy of the movie.  Also, the screen size shrank because TV changed from channel 59 to 3 and then back.

Fortunately I have an older copy I made a few years ago, but it on a DVD with another movie.

HKOW is available (?) on a DVD set, but I either have or do not want the other movies on the set.

This is sort of a good reason for On Demand DVD's.

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You're right. It is the Emergency Alert System usually used by the Weather Service but I have seen it used for Amber Alerts. I have had it interrupt overnight DVR recordings from TCM.


I don't really have a solution to your problem though. However, His Kind of Woman pops up on the channel regularly so you will get another chance to record it.

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I've had at least two movies interrupted recently. This system is in place to provide the President of the United States a means to communicate to everyone who has the ability to receive, nationally, and at any time, in case of a national emergency.


Other federal, state, and local agencies also use this for alerts.


Every time I see the warning pop up on my screen, I just know there are dozens of people across the U.S. throwing stuff at their screens and cursing. Maybe not at the time, but certainly when they check their recorder later.


It's the ultimate reality show.

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I think it happens to everyone. 


When I lived in Arizona-- Arizona does not observe daylight savings time-- so part of the year it's the same time as Pacific time zone and the other part of the year it is the same as Mountain time zone. The cable company deals with this unique issue by giving double channels on some packages. 


So for example, I would have Encore West and Encore East. That means if a movie is scheduled at 1:30 a.m. on Encore East, it would also be scheduled again an hour later on Encore West. Because the EAS tests were unpredictable, before I'd go to bed, I would set recordings for both East and West, since the DVR lets a person record up to two channels at one time. Therefore, if the EAS test happened during the first recording, my second recording was perfectly fine.


I don't have that luxury here in the midwest in Central time zone.


As for TCM, if one of those broadcasts were interrupted by an EAS test, I might still be able to get the film in its entirety using the On Demand feature. 

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