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Been wanting to see the Broadway production of"Newsies" since I heard it was going to be done. I had seen the Disney movie when it came out and really enjoyed it, and knew even then it should be done on Broadway...but where to find that many talented kids to do performance after performance.  That was the part that Disney considered, too, it seems, since all of the newsies, save one, is a grownup trying to look like a kid, LOL. 


It's also a story that means something to me, too, because when I was a kid, I was a newsie.  I sold newspapers in front of a department store in Victoria, B.C.  I must have been about 10 or so.  LONG time ago!


Anyway, it's been playing here in L.A. and tonight was the last night so I knew I better get over there,  Tickets were sold out, so I went into the "Cancellation Line."  I was about 7th in line, then one person decided to not wait. and left.  Moving up.  Some others got called to the box office until I was now at #3 in line.


Finally getting close to showtime, and one of the box office people came over and told us that at curtain there would be two tickets left...but only two.  I was #3.  But before he came back, a guy with his daughter came over to us and said he had one ticket for sale, $160.  The young woman at the front of the line looked in her wallet and only had about $108.  The guy asked the man in front of me if had cash and then me, but both of us had only credit cards.  He decided to accept the $108 or whatever it was she had and she went happily into the theater.  That moved me up to the second spot. 


Curtain time.  The box office guy came back and confirmed they had just 2 tickets left, at $150 a ticket.  Both the guy in front of me and I said, "Yes." #1 guy went up got his, and into the theater.  My turn at the window, hurriedly gave my credit card to the box office person, thought heard them say something about $35 as he handed my card back to him, but I wasn't listening too close because I wanted to get in as the show had started.  Loved the first act...and I briefly wondered if the ticket seller has said $135 or something, which would have been less than the $150 a ticket. 


End of first act, lights up...guy sitting next to me was the guy who was standing in front of me in line.  He said as he stood up, "Great deal, huh?!"  I said yeah, without knowing what he meant exactly...and then I looked at my ticket...it was only $35 !!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  I went to the lobby and bought a bunch of souvenirs since I had saved so much!


Great show!!!!  Standing ovation!!!  See it if it comes to your city!




Oh, one interesting coincidence...Ann-Margret was being interviewed by Ben in the lobby of the Roosevelt at this year's festival.  She had been in the movie version of Newsies.  Well, Newsies, the musical officially opened at the Pantages the previous night, the first night of this year's festival!    

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