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mongo - am i in the right place

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mr. mondo -


can you tell me anything about the following:


earl holliman - i think he's dead, isn't he? remember him in the rainmaker (before angie dickinson got ahold of him)? i think he had his own theatre somewhere in texas.


tony perkins - what a life! i heard somewhere that his wife, berry berensen, is also dead. i know he had a couple of kids - and that he was gay as . . . (i was going to say as queer as a three-dollar bill, but that's poitically incorrect, isn't it)? anyway, do you have anything on his last years - i saw him once on broadway in a musical (green willow) and liked him a lot. most people don't know that his father was a stage star for many years.


elizabeth hartman - from a patch of blue, the group, etc. and she jumped out of a 13-story window. what's the story?


susan peters - the sign of the ram, random harvest, etc. i remember her acting from her wheelchair; i think she had one leg amputated. do you know that story.


i enjoy reading your post - and learn something every day.


thanks a lot.





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1st of all--Are you from Laos and live in the US now or do you still live in Laos? Just curious!!


Mr. Holliman is still alive but I checked his bio on IMDB and he's not in anything recently. His last credit was in 2000.


Tony Perkins, I believe, was probably bi-sexual. He died of AIDS a few years ago. He was married to Berry at the time but she was killed in one of the 9/11 planes that crashed in the World Trade Center. They had two children named Elvis & Osgood, after Tony's father.


Susan Peters was injured in a car accident which made her a paraplegic. I think she attempted a comeback but it didn't work out and I think she died fairly young.


Elizabeth Hartman did commit suicide but I really don't know many details. Mongo?


I just love to do this but I don't have near the resources Mongo does, who is excellent at this stuff. I just wanted to jump in with what I knew about this stuff. Mongo's the best though.

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I'm not sure about this but I last heard that Earl Holliman lives in San Antonio, Texas...


Anthony Perkins' wife, Berry Berenson, is Marisa Berenson's sister. Their mother is currently married to an Italian Marques and their grandmother was Elsa Schaparelli, the Italian fashion designer.

A New York friend of mine commented after Berry was kiled in the World Trade Center catastrophy, "Tony and his father and now Berry all died in September; that will be a difficult month for the boys".... Ironic!!


Apparently, Elizabeth Hartman was depressed about her marriage and career and was being treated for suicidal tendancies and did jump from her apartment window. Horrifying......


Susan Peters starved herself to death in the early fifties after a hunting accident paralized her and her husband divorced her. She was once married to Richard Quine, the director, who left her for Kim Novak. I guess Susan just gave up. I remember very well when she died; I was about 10 years old and thought she was beautiful and why would she want to die. Tragic....


Mongo - I know you probably know more than this about these people, so sorry to tread on your turf with what little I know about them.

We will be anxious to hear what you can add about these four...





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Good for you Brackenhe and Larry. Combined you both did a good job of the movie star info that was requested by Thakhek5.


I'll take a moment and concentrate on the living star.

Earl Holliman, who had the luck of the draw co-starring with big stars in some big films in his career will be 77 on Sunday.

Last May he attended a luncheon honoring "Laugh-In" star Jo Anne Worley and he looked very youthful. He remains a self-confirmed bachelor.



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Damn--I knew Ms. Peters was paraplegic but I had thought it was a car accident. What's wrong with me? I need to check this stuff out before I post. I just get so excited when this thing lets me post that I go nuts with the posting and such. Like today for example. LOL!!!

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