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Silent Sundays - May 2015


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Sun., 5-3


12:00 AM Rounders, The (1914)

In this silent short, two drunks go on a bender together.

DirCharles Chaplin CastCharles Chaplin ,

BW-11 mins,

12:00 AM Leading Lizzie Astray (1914)

A small town boy goes to the big city to win back his girlfriend from a city slicker.

DirRoscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle CastRoscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle , Minta Durfee , Slim Summerville .

BW-12 mins,

12:00 AM Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life (1913)

A villainous man ties a woman to a railroad track, and her boyfriend races to her rescue in this silent short.

DirMack Sennett CastHelen Holmes , William Hauber , Raymond Hatton .

BW-10 mins,

12:00 AM Curtain Pole, The (1909)

A gentleman breaks a curtain pole in an upper class drawing room and wreaks havoc when he searches for a replacement in this short film.

DirD. W. Griffith CastMack Sennett , Harry Solter , Florence Lawrence .

BW-10 mins,

12:00 AM Knockout, The (1914)

In this silent short, a young man tries to impress his girlfriend by signing on for a boxing match.

DirRoscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle CastCharles Chaplin , Edgar Kennedy , Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle .

BW-27 mins,

12:00 AM Ambrose's First Falsehood (1914)

In this silent short film, a man lies to his wife to sneak off to a bar... but the lie soon catches up with him!

DirF. Richard Jones CastCharley Chase , Mack Swain , Minta Durfee .

BW-11 mins,

12:00 AM Hash House Mashers (1915)

In this silent short film, a family takes in a new border.. who swiftly falls in love with their daughter.

DirMack Sennett CastCharles Parrott , Billie Brockwell , Ollie Carlyle .

BW-11 mins,

12:00 AM On His Wedding Day (1913)

In this silent short film, a groom on his way to the church faces a prankster who pours some red pepper into the flowers.

DirMack Sennett CastChester M. Franklin , Carmen Phillips , Arthur Tavares .

BW-6 mins,

12:00 AM Recreation (1914)

The Tramp gets involved in a scuffle with a seaman over a girl in this silent short film.

DirCharles Chaplin CastEdward Nolan , Helen Carruthers , Charles Chaplin .

BW-5 mins,

12:00 AM Speed Kings, The (1913)

A father attempts to thwart a woman's romantic infatuation with a race car driver in this silent short film.

DirWilfred Lucas CastTeddy Tetzlaff , Barney Oldfield , Billy Gilbert .

BW-9 mins,

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Sun., 5-17


12:15 AM Do Detectives Think? (1927)  

Two inept detectives are hired to guard the judge in this silent short film.

DirFred Guiol CastCharles A. Bachman , Wilson Benge , Viola Richard .

BW-20 mins,

12:15 AM You're Darn Tootin' (1928)  

In this short silent comedy, the feud between two street musicians spreads to passersby.

DirE. Livingston Kennedy CastSam Lufkin , Ham Kinsey , Christian J. Frank .

BW-21 mins,

12:15 AM Double Whoopee (1929)  

Two new hires upset the society guests at a swanky hotel in this silent short film.

DirLewis R. Foster CastSam Lufkin , William Gillespie , Rolfe Sedan .

BW-19 mins,

12:15 AM Big Business (1929)  

In this comedic short film, a quarrel between two salesmen and a potential customer leads to an **** of destruction.

DirJames W. Horne CastOliver Hardy , James Finlayson , Retta Palmer .

BW-19 mins,


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Sun., 5-24


12:15 am ET
151 min

In this silent film, a young innocent enlists for World War I service but soon learns the horrors of war.

DirKing Vidor CastJohn Gilbert , Renée Adorée , Hobart Bosworth .

 LEONARD MALTIN REVIEW: D: King Vidor. John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Hobart Bosworth, Claire McDowell, Claire Adams, Karl Dane, Tom O'Brien.

"One of the best WW1 films ever; clean-shaven Gilbert a wonderful hero, Adoree an unforgettable heroine. Filled with memorable vignettes, and some of the most harrowingly realistic battle scenes ever filmed. A gem"

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