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TCM Imports - May 2015


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late Sun., 5-3


2:00 AM Seven Samurai (1954)

Japanese villagers hire a team of traveling samurai to defend them against a bandit attack.

DirAkira Kurosawa CastToshiro Mifune , Takashi Shimura , Kuninori Kodo .

BW-207 mins,

"Classic film about 16th-century Japanese village which hires professional warriors to fend off bandits. Kurosawa's "far-east Western'' has served as model for many films since, including American remake THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (a title once given this film for U.S. release). The complete 208m. version is even more impressive for its humanity as well as its powerful action sequences."


Article: http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/1083990|0/TCM-Imports-in-May.html



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late Sun., 5-10


4:45 AM  ET              Premiere
109 min
Ascent, The (1977)

Two Soviet soldiers are captured in WWII Belarus.

DirLarisa Sheptiko CastSergei Jakovlev , Boris Plotkinov , Ludmila Poliakova .


Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ascent

& http://letterboxd.com/lordcookie/film/the-ascent/


"Although ostensibly a war film, The Ascent transcends the constraints of its genre by becoming not only a religious allegory of the relationship between Christ and Judas but also a thinly veiled critique of Soviet occupation."



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late Sun., 5-17


1:45 AM Here's Your Life (1966)          Premiere  

A working-class boy struggles to find himself through a series of jobs and romances.

DirJan Troell CastEddie Axberg , Ulla Sjöblom , Gunnar Björnstrand .

C-169 mins,


4:30 AM All These Women (1964)

A critic's efforts to write a biography are hampered by all the women in his subject's house.

DirIngmar Bergman CastJarl Kulle , Georg Funkquist , Eva Dahlbeck .

BW-80 mins,


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late Sun., 5-23


3:00 AM
113 min

French POWs fight to escape their German captors during World War I.

DirJean Renoir CastJean Gabin , Pierre Fresnay , Marcel Dalio .

LEONARD MALTIN REVIEW: D: Jean Renoir. Jean Gabin, Pierre Fresnay, Erich von Stroheim, (Marcel) Dalio, Dita Parlo, (Julien) Carette, Gaston Modot, Jean Daste.

"Renoir's classic treatise on war, focusing on French prisoners during WW1 and their cultured German commandant. Beautiful performances enhance an eloquent script (by Renoir and Charles Spaak). Edited to 94m. for U.S. release in 1938."

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late Sun., 5-31          2 PREMIERES......Director Mikio Naruse


2:45 am ET
87 min

A single mother struggles to raise her son while working in a bar.

DirMikio Naruse CastYuji Hori , Ranko Hanai , Kinuyo Tanaka .


Article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/2051824/Ginza-Cosmetics/articles.html



4:15 am ET
89 min
Wife (1953)

An unhappy wife faces her husband's infidelity.

DirMikio Naruse CastMieko Takamine , Ken Uehara , Rentaro Mikuni .


Article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/2051827/Wife/articles.html

"One of the shining lights of Japan's golden age was director Mikio Naruse, who cut his directorial teeth in the waning days of the silent era and rose to prominence under two of the country's biggest studios, Shochiku and then Toho. For the latter he directed the 1953 film Wife (originally entitled Tsuma), a key example of his knack for creating convincing, unflinching working class dramas with unsentimental female lead characters."

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