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I had a couple quetion about Greta Garbo. I saw the documentary the other day and either I did'nt catch or it didn't say

What happened to John Gilbert?

Did he die or did they just break it off?

And if they did break it off why and if he died how?

Also is Greta Garbo burried here or in her native land?

And did she play in a movie with Clark Gable?

These are just a few ?'s my friends and I were wondering sorry if there stupid but just curious.


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Gilbert slowly drank himself to death. His heart gave out in 1936 (lots of info on Gilbert in the silent film genre forum). Garbo and Gilbert were going to marry, though I doubt she really seriously considered it, and left him in the lurch in the late twenties. She vied for his services for Queen Christina in an attempt to salvage his career. It didn't work. I think Garbo was cremated and her ashes flown to Stockholm. She starred with Gable in Susan Lenox, Her Rise and Fall (a really awful film).


I haven't seen the documentary yet but I guess it must skimp over a lot.

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Dietrich tried to "save" Gilbert too and almost succeeded. She had him off alcohol and practically signed on for a role in "Desire", but according to her daughter, she started sleeping with Gary Cooper too and that threw Gilbert for a loop and caused him to backslide. Truth? Who knows? She certainly acted guilty about his death for a very long time...

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What do you mean, 'passed over' for a new one?


I think Liv Ulman narrarated a documentary on GG called, "The Temptress" and "The Clown", in parts one and two. It was quite good.


Glenn Close hosted a very nice tribute to GG in "The Divine Garbo".


I haven't seen the new Kevin Brownlow documentary, but understand it is very good and includes some of GG's family which is a real treat.


There is an excellent bio on Greta by Karen Swenson titled, "Garbo- A Life Apart" which I highly recommend. It is out of print, but can be gotten on Ebay or another online source of used books.


There are also two new books out that I am eager to get. They both are oversized and have those wonderful gorgeous shots of her as well as some great candids and personal photos. The one by Mark Vierra concentrates on Garbo's films, something never really done before in such depth along with the great photos Mark has printed from the original negatives.


Did you know that the US Postal Service is honoring Greta with a stamp this month?



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I'm sure someone will be very upset at my saying so, but the new Garbo documentary wass a real disappointment for my wife and I.


Let me qualify: there are some VERY interesting elements. Some of the interviewees are very good and the test footage and lighting example are very nice to see.


Other than that, the structure, scholarship and style of this production makes it seem amateur at best. I know Brownlow has a great reputation, but this looked and felt like a cheap 1980's biography, not up to the classy standards that TCM usually has.


Factual information is often overrun by people gushing about how mysterious Garbo was and mere conjecture by certain of the interviewees serves as the factual backbone.


The visual and pacing style fare no better, resembling late 80's-early 90's television. There are visual montages that are segues to nothing since the doc. has little to no structure, chronological or topical.


Look, I realize that it has some pros, but overall this felt like a half-hour biography piece with a few good ideas drawn out way too long.


Sorry! Flame away...

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I agree this documentary was not the best but I've never seen any other one, I'd like to see the ones you all are talking about.


I can't wait til Camille comes on I love that movie. There was a remake that was kunda like a mini series w/ that one actor sorry I'm terrible w/names he is on that movie with Rebee Zelwegar and Hugh Grant "Bridget Jones's Diary". I've seen this remake ounce but I like GG's way better I think she portrays the character so beautifully.


I saw Anna Christie the other day when it aired. It was a kinda depressing movie but I still liked it even though you didn't know what was to become of them.


GG plays her wroles with such passion that you can't take your eyes off of her. But she does it in a small way and is not over extravagant. She is a real jewel in Cinema.

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Wow, Rjtlotts alot of Garbo fans (like myself) regard Grand Hotel as one of her weaker film roles. She certainly is upstaged by a fiery Joan Crawford who probably should of won the Oscar that year. I would recommend taking a look at a few of her other film roles that TCM is planning on airing during the next couple of weeks...like Queen Christina, and Camille.

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