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Oh my, the Osmonds. I loved them when they had their show...I was about 10 and my friend and I would dress up in matching outfits and lip-synch to their songs and dance (sometimes on roller skates!LOL) I was Donny, because I had short hair. We'd charge the little kids a nickel to come watch us.

I took my Osmonds albums to college and when we had been drinking a little too much I'd drag them out and put them on...along with something called "My Yiddish Mama" (not mine)and we'd all sing along. LOL

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I think TCM would be making a whole lot of people unhappy if they did show the Osmond movies as compared to one person if they don't show them. However, I agree with whoever said they are made for TV movies - there are other channels that cater to TV movies that might be easier to convince to show them than a classy channel like TCM. I can't see TCM rushing out to obtain them so you might have a long wait. If you already own these movies, why is it such a big issue whether TCM shows them or not?

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Helenbaby - you're just encouraging him! It would be easier to just go ahead and show the damned things. But I have to say that I have gotten a laugh or two out of the responses. What next - a month devoted to The Films of Pamela Anderson?


I remember when you had a different name and was surprised to see Helenbaby (why not Helenchick or Helendoll).



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I wouldn't throw out my TV's, just change the channel, but. . . this guys' been posting his requests for months now, it's getting just a little bit nauseating by now. The Osmonds had their day ON TV, TCM shows classic movies MADE FOR the movie houses, not TV. If you want to see them so much go look in the reduced-reduced-final-reduction bins at your local second hand store, then you can watch to your heart's content.



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Amen -- I had the same reaction when I saw the posting -- this guy's still at it. Enough already. Those movies are not in Turner's library, and if they're going to go out and spend $$ to license additional titles, they aren't going to be the Osmonds.


The "Donny and Marie" show is coming out on DVD, so you can get your fix there.


Enough already.

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