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our manned space program is at a standstill...

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yeah, but right now our space program is at a halt....


and it just didn't stop by itself, now did it? :)


I think it was either Eisenhower or Kennedy who pointed out, during press conferences, that our race to the moon was a good harmless substitute for a military "arms race".


Everyone knew that the race to the moon was part of our (and the Russian's) arms race, but it seemed so much more harmless, friendly, and more like a sport than a build-up to a major war.


The race to the moon was designed to calm down everyone around the world, including the Russians and the Americans, while we both did continue to design and test new rockets that could, if necessary, be used as weapons. That's why we and the Russians spent so much money on the moon race in the 1960s and 70s. 1) to test rockets, and 2) as a ploy to take everyone's mind off of an "end of the world" war with Russia.

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