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After watching much of this movie again, I am still of the opinion that this may be the most overrated film ever made. I got a kick out of Cagney, but that's about it. William Powell was absolutely dreadful

I quite agree. it was good like the first four or five times but after successive watchings it loses more and more each time. it is overrated...especially jack lemmon. doan get me wrong. I like jack lemmon but after successive watchings, his character becomes more and more silly. why should pulver care what Roberts thinks of him? and the idea that pulver is gonna get some guts because he's moved to grief by the death of Roberts is silly. why get mad at cagney? it was Roberts idea to put himself in harm's way like that. heck, the captain wanted to keep him there. seriously, the more and more times I sit through this the more dumber it gets. seriously overrated. :)


p.s. I agree that cagney is the one consistent bright spot no matter how many times you see this.

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I have a different take than NipkowDisc..



Although I've never seen it (or later versions), I can imagine the original 1948 play had to have been much better than the subsequent film. The film has the feel of a staged play setting - mostly the onboard ship scenes.
I, too, enjoyed James Cagney's performance - he still had "it". Unfortunately, William Powell's performance let me down. A favorite actor in his final film just going with the flow. Henry Fonda performed as expected, with a nice send-off preceeded by the closed-door/"horn"-being-left-on-in-Cagney's-office scene.. the crew discovering Mr. Roberts' personal sacrifice for them <sniff!>
Jack Lemmon as comic relief - great closing sequence.
As much as I would like to like this even more, I would choose The Caine Mutiny if ever these two aired simultaneously.
Maybe if June Allyson.. NO! no.. Forget that one..
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