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Adult world v. Child world

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Guest Bambouchi

The song that the children are singing and actions they are playing are disturbing to the adults of this story. The scolding has little effect and they continue to play with innocence, running through the street, bouncing balls, oblivious to the danger that lurks. Maybe not oblivious, they deal with it like kids, making games. The adults see it and know to be scared. Danger is in the shadows. A powerful starting sequence that makes me anxious to see the rest of the film.

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This was striking...the children making a rhyme out of horrific acts, the parents concerned for their safety as the kids play unaware. The bouncing of the ball against the wanted sign for a child murderer. There is the world of carefree children who are unaware of the horrible things that adults can do and then there's the adults who are more than aware of what's out there and live with that, but still try to shelter their children from it. The opening scene has the children playing in a courtyard, but the courtyard is barren and stark; no toys around, nothing but flat concrete void of any symbols of life, but the children play there none the less...meanwhile, the adults toil away working. Also, they don't show the children and the adults together in the same scene until right before the shadow man....they are kept seperated with the exception of the police...and isnt until the child meets the shadow and they interact...

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Good points, the children coping, as kids do, with turning the ghastly into a part of their game, and the care-worn adults who, ironically cleaning others laundry.

The sounds, are all interesting, intense, repetitive and intrusive, all warnings...time is running out.

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