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Schedule Change 9/23 - Wise Tribute

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Just a quick alert that the Mickey Rooney birthday marathon scheduled for this Friday (9/23) has been replaced by a tribute to Robert Wise.


To honor the career of Director/Film Editor Robert Wise, we are changing the schedule for 9/23. Here is the new schedule for the day.


Friday, September 23


6:00 AM Citizen Kane (as editor)

8:00 AM The Magnificent Ambersons (as editor)

9:30 AM The Curse of the Cat People (director)

11:00 AM The Body Snatcher (director)

12:30 PM Born to Kill (director)

2:30 PM The Set-Up (director)

4:00 PM Executive Suite (director)

6:00 PM Somebody Up There Likes Me (director) 8:00 PM West Side Story (director/producer)

10:45 PM Run Silent, Run Deep (director)

12:30 AM The Haunting (director/producer)

2:30 AM Odds Against Tomorrow (director/producer)

4:30 AM Blood on the Moon (director)


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Thank you to TCM! Though *Robert Wise-(1914-2005)

was/is not among my own favorite directors-(*Ford, Hitch, Hawks, *Welles,etc)

I certainly respect him in not only movie history, but being a student of the A,M.P.A.S. as well-(however, I still cannot get-over the fact that *"Sound of Music" & this is far more ridiculous>"Grease" (1978) are still, the biggest moneyspinning movie-musicals ever produced?


Matter of fact, "Singin' In the Rain"/ "Fantasia" (1940 version) were not huge hits?


Most on here are well aware of his involvement at: RKO Radio-(I'm goin' back & in about 2 & 1/2 weeks, I can actually see it's fmr frt entrance from my Motel. Kinda' gives me "The Chills!")

It was the brass, that obviously made the then 27/28 yr old-"Cutter," as it was still often called then. Film Editor Matter of fact, correct me if I am wrong here, please. Marilyn's own mother-(before the insanity set-in, was also a "cutter" & at RKO) 1st deliberately sent *Orson down to S. America-(TCM, you should air "It's All True" (***) more often! A good docu.) Then-(given, since W.R. Harst, was still more than furious at *Mr. Welles.) The powers that be, took a look at what he was sending back from South America-(they were less then pleased & made a racist remark) & then took a look at"Ambersons"-(it was all finito, except final editing,etc & possibly, it's superb score was not as yet done? orson4ever, should know this? It had a negative finish. Which means low $$$ in their pockets. So, had *Wise re-shoot-(according to *Orson, when Major Amberson dies, the rest is not his movie. & in particular, the last shot made him cry, literally!)Though re-filmed, what is still-(even with cutting) among the finest films ever made in Hollywood! Many, actually prefer it to "Kane?" It's only 88min. so 1 only ponders what was thrown away-(or burned)& this is surprising-(given everyone nominates BP OSCAR. It was up for the biggie, that yr? They still had 10 BP contenders though. & Agnes Moorehead was "robbed," as Aunt Fannie BIG-TIME!-(I like *T. Wright. However, her work in *"Mrs. Miniver," was more due to straight ticket voting, I suspect. Same goes for it winning B & W Cinematography over "Ambersons")


Back to *R. Wise though & the exceptional schedule you guys set-up. A pun is intended here! Because his 1949 Boxing masterpiece "The Set-Up" (RKO again)is my candidate as his finest film. & it's hardly been mentioned.

& 1 I forgot he helmed-(in which I thought B. Karloff deserved OSCAR attention 1945's "Body-Snatcher")


Thak You

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