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Walter Lassally interview


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Recently, Oscar-winning cinematographer Walter Lassally (Zorba the Greek) attended the Cinematographers' Days Festival in Prague. The English Section of Radio Prague interviewed him, in a wide-ranging interview discussing working with the Kitchen Sink-era directors such as Czech-born Karel Riesz; his opinions on what makes a movie good; and the differences between making movies then and now.


The article, which includes a transcript, is here; if you'd rather listen to the interview, you can download the MP3 directly here. The MP3 is about 4.9 MB and just under 11 minutes.


Lassally looks pretty good for 88 years old!

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Thank you for the post--excellent article on the Zorba the Greek cameraman and the Czech New Wave movement of the 1960's.  A question--Lassally speaks of working on some Indian films in the late 60's, maybe early 70's.  Was he credited as cameraman for any of the Merchant/Ivory films which were released then?  Shakespeare Wallah (1973) is the only one of the Indian films of theirs I've seen--and I can't recall the cameraman/persons' name (drives me bonkers!)  The film was lovely to look at, but rather dull.  I remember picking it out in Hollywood Video, because the case had a cobweb on it.

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According to IMDb, Lassally was the cinematographer for The Bostonians, although that was from 1984. From the 70s, Lassally and James Ivory (turning 87 on Sunday, BTW) collaborated on Autobiography of a Princess, The Wild Party, and Savages. I'm guessing all of these are Merchant-Ivory productions, but I didn't look them up.


Shakespeare -- Wallah is actually from 1965 with cinematography by Subrata Mitra, at least according to IMDb.

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