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Don't know if there's a thread like this already, but here's a question:

If you were an actor or actress and had a chance to do a classic movie role, which one would you pick and why?


I'd love to take a crack at Eleanor of Aquitaine from "Lion in Winter." It's such a great role--she goes from Queen with a capital Q, to heartless scheming you-know-what, to devestated wife, to concerned mother...and never loses her sense of humor. Role of a lifetime. (Obviously Glenn Close had the same idea. LOL)


The Charles Laughton role in "Witness for the Prosecution"--It would be interesting to do it from a woman's veiwpoint.


It would be fun to play one of the dotty old aunts in "Arsenic and Old Lace," too.



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Cast me as "Lil Legendre" in RED HEADED WOMAN. What an outrageous role, one you could really have fun with! I love it when in the opening scene Lil models a dress that is very sheer.


Lil (to the sales girl) Can you see through this?

Salesgirl: I'm afraid you can.

Lil: Well, I'll take it!


It just looks campy and loads of delicious pre-Code fun!



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I would love to be in the movie 1966's "The Professionals" (Directed by Richard Brooks) just hanging out with Burt Lancaster,Lee Marvin ,Woody Strode,Robert Ryan,and Jack Palance after shooting for the day,hanging in Las Vegas. I read that Woody Strode and Lee Marvin loved practical jokes like shooting arrows at the "Smiling Cowboy sign" in Las Vegas.....

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The "smiling couwboy" is Vegas Vic and back in the 1960s, Vic's arm moved, he blew smoke rings and said "Howdy Pardner".


After a night of painting the town red, so the story goes, Lee Marvin took to shooting Vic with his bow and arrow because Vic's "Howdy Pardner" kept waking Marvin up.


lynn in sherman oaks



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