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I have no guiding star this month.


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Or I have too many.  And such powerful draws they are.  I'm being pulled in dozens of different directions.  Who do I follow?  Who do I focus on?  You can't have a thing or a concept as a star of the month.  You need a star.  But here I am complaining, when I'm usually praising--or I'm at least neutral, open to persuasion.  Let's  see what we can find. . . .looks like we've had everything here before.  Looks like the programmers followed the line of least resistance.  It's all so discouraging.  O, there I go, still negative--must resist that.  Don't know what resources they had to work with--or didn't have.  There's Brigitte Bardot, she's always a plus--but we've had . . .And God Created Woman before.  Seems they could have tried for something new from her, like Love On a Pillow, a bit of romantic fluff characteristic of Roger Vadim's vehicles for her; or Come Dance With Me!, a fun mystery, with Miss B in the role of the intrepid amateur investigator; or Les Femmes, a rather better example of the love-out-of-a-business-arrangement story line.  Barbarella is fun, with Jane Fonda at her ________iest (fill in the blank).  Of course, it's campy, but there's more to it than that.  Never cared for camp-for-camp's sake.  In addition to Miss Fonda, there's Anita Pallenberg and her musky voice--and John Philip Law, for those who believe in angels.  For Dorothy Lamour, The Road to Singapore is as good as any other of the road movies--better than most. You know, Miss Sarong isn't usually thought of in the same breath with Subway Grate Lady, or Miss Gildasleeves, but she's proof that conventional wisdom isn't always wise.


As for rest, must remain positive.  Need some reasons.

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