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Classic Dinner Party

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Hi Alix,


Sounds like a great idea, but you'd have to make sure everybody jelled and weren't contraries. Eg - don't invite Joan Fontaine and Deborah Kerr to the same party. Sparks would fly and did in the sixties in NYC once. Ooops!!


Also, if you are going to invite 8 people then you had better have a partner for yourself to balance off the numbers. Odd numbers at a sit-down dinner party is a no no....

If it's a buffet, then you're OK!!!


My list includes only good conversationalists, people who are scintillating!!!!


At the head of the table is me.

To my right is Paulette Goddard and to my left across from Paulette is Rex Harrison.

Next to Paulette is William Haines and across from him and next to Rex is Betty Blythe (Rex always adored Betty).

Next to William is Louise Fazenda and across from her is Reginald Gardiner.

Next to Louise is George Chakiris and across from him is his Malibu neighbour, Lana Turner.

My partner, at the end of the table is Marion Davies.


My menu would be a standard favourite of mine:

Clear mushroom soup

Dover sole in white sauce

Small roast potatoes


Side spring or chef's salad

Pears in caramel sauce

and a white wine




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Larry could you tell us why Deborah Kerr and Joan Fontaine should not be invited to the same dinner party? I've never heard about them not liking each other...this surprises me and is absolutely new for me.


I like them both very, very much; in fact, in my opinionn, both have the same type of patrician beauty. Both were born of English parents too, am I right? Although Joan was born in Tokyo.

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Alix, this reminds of a thread that I once had "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" about inviting celebrities over, which we had a lot of fun with. Remember?


And Larry, a menu such as yours was unheard of growing up in Brooklyn. It was usually spuds and hash, if we were lucky.



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Hi Gang,


I'm writing this on a plane to Austin, so let's hope it goes through!!


Mongo -

OK, most of my guests would be just as happy to have pizza!

I've fed pizza to Lana and Freddie (husband #4,5,6??) before.

Also, I've given eggs benedict or omelettes to George many a Sunday and Reg and Loolie and Marion would be just as satisfied with a cheeseburger.

And, Paulette has taken me out for banana splits at least a half dozen times.

But the topic said, "Classic Dinner Party" so I went with the highbrow approach!!!!!


Fernando and Thakhek5 -

About Joan and Deborah -- this is from the horse's mouth of Bill Dozier, who was once married to Joan Fontaine. I shared a plane trip with him from LA to NYC around 1963 and the movie was "Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea" with Joan. We got to talking and the drink loosened his lips.

He told me that Joan was a real cat and disliked his wife, Ann Rutherford, but hated Deborah Kerr. Why?? --

Joan was engaged to be married to writer Peter Viertel in the late 50's and had planned a wedding in Vienna; 'unannounced', she went to London and bought her trousseau. When she arrived, unannounced, she was surprised to find that he had married Deborah Kerr the week before. The crap hit the fan!!!!

I have since heard that several years later, in NYC at a party, Joan launched into Deborah and the tears were flowing......

That's why you have to do your homework and find out who's married to whom and who's divirced from whom and who will dump your punch bowl over whose head!!!!!




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Just wanted to say "hi" glad you could post from the plane! Want to wish my best to you in partiscipating

in the documentary and hope all goes well but if it does not! Give em hell's wrath (chuckle)

larry That punch bowl should be a priceless heirloom in

Debbie Reynolds' collection for the priceless history

it brings to itself! ha-ha have a good trip Larry!

Best regards and good luck with your meeting for our beloved stars who should have stars! I'd have pears

in caramel sauce with you anytime! lolite.

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Hey Lolite,


Last night, I went out to L'Orangerie for dinner with two friends and had 'Strawberries Romanoff' for dessert.

Strawberries in vanilla and strawberry ice cream with triple sec, then set on fire at your table. Very dramatic and delicious.

This used to be a specialty of "Romanoff's" in the fifties and I've had it with bananas too; although minus the liquor in the 50's (I was underage then)....

Try it, but don't burn the house down!



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Mongo, yes I remember that thread (although didn't remember who started it...) and thought it was fun!


Strawberries Romanoff sounds wonderful.


I remember someone wanting to have a "The Women" dinner and serve "Pancakes Barbara," that wonderful dish that Mary asks her cook to fix Stephen.


What the heck are pancakes barbara? Did we ever decide???

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Hi Alix,


Pancakes Barbara are blackberry pancakes (sometimes served with brandy sauce) and named for Barbara La Marr. They were on the menu at MGM's commissary for years and a favourite of Louis B. Mayer.

I had them once but since I don't like pancakes, they were and are nothing special to me......



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Hi Larry !

Yes, sounds ever so yummy!...Minus the bananas though

would remind me too much of a banana split and ruin

the effect of the dessert for me...

I'll strike the match for the dessert with the fire dept.

at the ready! ....wink! Glad your having a great time on

your trip!bon apetite!........lolie to my friends!....

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