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"Movie Camp" 2015


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Moonbot Crew is Launching New Program on Turner Classic Movies




This Sunday, 6-7, Moonbot Studios' filmmakers William Joyce & Brandon Oldenburg introduce TCM Movie Camp, a celebration of great films for young film lovers and aspiring filmmakers.

Join the two to watch CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND ('77) on Sunday, 8pm ET, and listen to Brandon explain how the film uses miniatures. #TCMMovieCamp






Intro video to "Close Encounters....."


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Sun., 6-21                             Premiere


??? pm ET    *** (NPG says new short FOLLOWS "Steamboat Bill")
                           (online sched. shows it precedes "SB")
16 min
"allegory about the curative powers of story," the film centers around bibliophile Lessmore and his custodianship of a magical library of flying books. It was created using computer animation, miniatures and traditional hand-drawn techniques.[3] "



8:00 pm ET
69 min

In this silent film, a student tries to win a rival captain's daughter after taking over his father's riverboat.

DirCharles F. Reisner CastBuster Keaton , Ernest Torrence , Tom Lewis .


D: Charles F. Riesner. Buster Keaton, Ernest Torrence, Marion Byron, Tom Lewis, Tom McGuire.

Buster plays a milquetoast who must prove his manhood to steamboat captain father (Torrence). Not one of Keaton's best silents, but there are great moments, and classic, eye-popping cyclone finale.

Edited by mr6666
Removed link to full video
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Sun., 7-12             Oddball Movie Shorts    




(times EST ???)

8:00 PM How to Sleep (1935)  

In this comedy short, Robert Benchley tries to teach the audience how to sleep and how to fall asleep.

DirNick Grinde CastRobert Benchley ,

BW-11 mins,

8:00 PM Match Your Mood (1968)  

Westinghouse shows women how to improve their lives by decorating their refrigerators in this short film.


C-6 mins,

8:00 PM Handlebars (1933)  

This short film provides a humorous history of the bicycle since 1819.

DirJules White CastBess Flowers , Bill Elliott ,

BW-10 mins,

8:00 PM Movie Pests (1944)  

This comedic short looks at annoying movie-going habits that disrupt the viewing experience.

DirWill Jason CastCelia Travers , Heinie Conklin , Harry Parke .

BW-11 mins,

8:00 PM Big Dog House, The (1930)  

In this short from the Dogville series, dogs play out a story of jealousy, murder and justice thwarted.

DirZion Myers

BW-16 mins,

8:00 PM One Got Fat (1963)  

Children wearing monkey masks pay the price for bad bicycle safety habits in this instructional short.

DirDale Jennings CastRalph Hulett , Lucie Hagens , Dave Hembree .

C-15 mins,

9:16 PM Battle Of Gettysburg, The (1956)  

This short film relates the story of the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War.

DirHerman Hoffman

C-30 mins, Letterbox Format

10:00 PM Penny Wisdom (1937)  

A newspaper columnist saves an important family dinner in this comedic short.

DirDavid Miller CastPrudence Penny , Gertrude Short , William Worthington .

C-10 mins,

0:00 PM Grandad of Races (1950)  

This short film presents the annual horse race held in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. Vitaphone Release 1950A.

DirAndré De La Varre Jr.

C-10 mins,

10:00 PM Quicker'n a Wink (1940)  

In this short film, Dr. Harold E. Edgerton demonstrates the photography process he developed to allow the ability to view motion not able to be seen by the naked eye.

DirGeorge Sidney CastClarence Curtis , Tex Harris , June Preisser .

BW-9 mins,

10:00 PM Star in the Night (1945)  

In this short film, three cowboys see a bright light in the distance and decide to investigate on Christmas Eve. Vitaphone Release 1401A.

CastLynne Baggett ,

BW-22 mins,

10:00 PM Of Pups and Puzzles (1941)  

This short film showcases how the war department utilizes animals to assist with aptitude testing.

DirGeorge Sidney CastEddie Chandler , William Forrest , Mark Daniels .

BW-11 mins,

10:00 PM Crashing the Water Barrier (1956)  

This short documentary follows the exploits of Donald Campbell, who attempts to set a water speed record on Lake Mead. Vitaphone Release 2589A.

DirKonstantin Kalser

C-10 mins,

10:00 PM Boy and His Dog, A (1946)  

A young boy fights to save a dog from his cruel owner in this Academy Award winning film for Best Live Action Short Subject. Vitaphone Release 1556A.

DirLeRoy Prinz CastHarry Davenport , Dorothy Adams , Eddy Waller .

BW-21 mins, CC,

10:00 PM Heavenly Music (1943)  

In this short film, a bandleader must prove his worth to enter the Hall of Music in heaven.

DirJosef Berne CastFred Brady , Lionel Royce , Buckwheat Thomas .

BW-22 mins,


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Sun., 7-19

(times EST)

8:00 PM                          Premiere
12 min

Five children in a world without letters set out to create the alphabet.

DirWilliam Joyce CastJoe Bluhm , Calvin O'Neal Jr. , Tyler Schatz

Numberlys is a Webby Award-winning app and an epic homage to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – but for kids. Friends 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 live in a world where there is no alphabet – only numbers. Help them create each letter of the alphabet and bring color, creativity and jellybeans to their world through a series of whimsical minigames.“Numberlys represents a new standard in the development of interactive narratives,” says Cool Hunting’s James Thorne.

8:00 PM
149 min
Metropolis (1926)

In this silent film, a city of the future is threatened with destruction when a wealthy corporate leader enlists a mad scientist to put down labor reformers.

DirFritz Lang CastBrigitte Helm , Alfred Abel , Rudolf Klein-Rogge .


D: Fritz Lang. Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Froelich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Fritz Rasp.

"Classic silent-film fantasy of futuristic city and its mechanized society, with upper-class young man abandoning his life of luxury to join oppressed workers in a revolt. Heavy going at times, but startling set design and special effects command attention throughout. Many shorter prints exist; reissued in 1984 at 87m. with color tints and score by Giorgio Moroder. Definitive German restoration debuted in 2002."

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Sun., 8-2


"TCM Movie Camp continues this week with The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), a film that we love at Moonbot for its groundbreaking film score. Join Brandon Oldenburg and William Joyce this Sunday at 8PM EST on Turner Classic Movies to experience what we consider to be the beginning of the modern adventure film score, masterfully crafted by Erich Wolfgang Korngold."




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Sun., 8-9


"TCM Movie Camp continues this week with Strangers on a Train (1951), a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense film language. Join Brandon Oldenburg and William Joyce this Sunday at 8PM EST on Turner Classic Movies to see this amazing example of how to tell a story using film.

Hitchcock never wasted a single frame in his films. Strangers on a Train is no exception, as every shot is packed full of meaning. In the film, many scenes visually represent the theme of “criss cross” through symmetry, repetition and mimicry. By using these visual techniques, Hitchcock illustrates that the two main characters Bruno (Robert Walker) and Guy (Farley Granger) are flip sides of the same coin – good and evil. This week’s infographic includes some of our favorite “criss cross” moments in the film: "


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