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On *R. WISE DAY, check out "0dds Against Tomorrow" &


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I had just posted a bit on tcmprogrammer & or

someone of that nature 1st started. That 9/23 was being bumped-(it was scheduled to be Mickey Rooney's day)


& there are 2 flix most felloww TCM-ITES should at least see once!


1st is 1959' crime-drama "0dds Againt Tomorrow" Robert Ryan-(1909-73), oce-agan, superbly underrated as villian!?-(is it just me, or does he remind any of Sterling Hayden-(1916-86)? Both were underrated & though Ryan was 6'3 & Hayden easily 6'5. They have always seemed as though they could play the others role-(switch- over) However, I think Ryan had slight edge "acting-wise!"-(another he was ignored 4> "Billy Budd" (1963) Arguably his finest hour) His sole shot at "Golden Boy," of course 1947's "Crossfire" (yep, RKO!) & to TCM, you've aired it about twice in a decade. So, you have-it in the vaults

Please think of re-airing 1973's "The Iceman Cometh"

& this kinda' film 'noir by *Wise is another. Harry Belafonte-(1927-) & *Ed Begley-(1901-70) co-star. as does *Shelley Winters-(1922-)-(I've heard she's ill!?) It's powerfully, nasty, right to it's explosive climax! & look for a 26 yr old Wayne Rogers in another strong sequence!


The other is not as good, but Mike Clark USA Today & I'm proud to say, I now correspond with Mr. Clark!

Anyway, back in late 1980's, when the superb "Bad Day at Black Rick" (1955) (M-G-M)-(TRIVIA: *"The Great: Tracy's," last for the "Dream Factory" & after 21 yrs!

However, I'll never 4-get this "BIG MISTAKE MIKE MADE!" He said it was 1st time "Judo" was used in a motion picture-(vs. *Borgnine,etc)

Not true! It was 1945's good (***) at best "Blood on the Sun" & with *Cagney-(of whom was a blackbelt for real)

It's not a great movie, but worth a look. & it took home an OSCAR for it's wartime B & W Art-Direction/Set-Decoration of Japan.

There are lots of karate/judo scenes in this one. I forgot *Wise directed-it?



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Don't cry for "The Mick" Mickey Rooney-(1920-) Joe Yule,Jr.

I expect to see it either tore-up, or just about finished. When I visit Hollywood again next month


On Hollywwood & Vine-(ironically, this was fmr location of a funeral home that Bela Lugosi-(1882-1956) used to actually hang-out in-(see 1994's "Ed Wood")


But, Mickey & co-founder: R. Alexander, are scheduled to open "Motion Picture Hal-of-Fame" right there on January 26th, 2006!


& unlike the fella' I knew: klarkkent-(Mr. Doug Conway) for those whom remember He had a tremendous website with same title & was done via fans voting!-(the way it should be) He was even threatened, via lawsuit to close his, when Mr. Alexander found-out there was another on the net? I do know Mr. Conway kept his going-(I even tried to locate help for his own Museum, though it's in Indiana)

& have not heard from him in a longtime though & worry-(the man had a disease as well?)

Hope he's ok & for anyone that can find his> www.motionpicturehalloffame.com /or klarkent@earthlinknet PLEASE DROP ME A LINE IMMEDIATELY!

He told them-(Alexander & Rooney, his was fan-based & therefore different.

& at last look, he had cut his 3rd voting yr in half??? Very strange folks


It of course costs' $$$ doe to become a member in the "Museum" that has already had a grand-opening ceremony. Of course Johnny Grant was there.


(FINAL NOTE: Please do not misunderstand though I am a fan of "The Mick"-(amazingly talented!) & in a lotta' ways, he himself "personafies" what was an empire called: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer!")


Thank You

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